#DownTools: Mental Health UK & Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles partner on new campaign for better work-life balance across the nation

With three quarters of workers now working beyond their contracted hours, our campaign encourages workers to ‘call it a day when the day is done’.


Mental Health UK has partnered with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles on a campaign to encourage their customers across the UK to take care of their mental wellbeing by re-establishing a better work-life balance.

Figures released in October 2021, as part of our #DownTools campaign, revealed that 75% of people work beyond their contracted hours and that almost half face having to work at least one weekend a month to catch up, with a third admitting working extra hours has increased due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Overworking and a lack of work-life balance is causing a quarter of UK employees to feel overwhelmed on a weekly basis, with one in 10 admitting it was a daily problem, according to the study of 1,000 UK workers commissioned by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

Almost half of the UK’s workforce have experienced a mental health issue in the past year, with the negative impact of Covid-19 leading to lack of sleep, migraines, and panic attacks.

In a bid to redraw the lines between work and life, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles and Mental Health UK is urging the UK workforce to #DownTools and call it a day, when the day is done.

Mental Health UK has partnered with the manufacturer of vans, pick-ups and campervans to curate an essential wellbeing toolbox, providing free support and guidance for drivers on how to look after their mental health.

“It’s vital that we allow ourselves enough time to switch off from work. The Covid-19 pandemic has blurred the lines between work and life causing a dangerous imbalance, whether that’s struggling to log-off when working from home or battling to keep pace with increased workload. We hope by raising awareness through our #DownTools campaign, we can encourage people to make their mental health a priority, because ultimately we work better when we feel better.”

– Kate Thompson, Head of Marketing at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles

“It’s impossible to do our best work without prioritising our mental health. This campaign is a valuable reminder of the importance of taking time out to focus on our wellbeing and all the benefits that can bring. We’re proud to work with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles to create this set of helpful resources and hope it will empower employees to better understand the relationship between their work and mental health, and the practical steps they can take to help regain that sense of balance.”

– Katie Legg, Director, Strategy and Partnerships at Mental Health UK

For more information on the campaign visit https://www.volkswagen-vans.co.uk/downtools, and for more information about improving your work-life balance visit www.mentalhealth-uk.org/vwcv.

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