Let’s Talk – Using photography to talk about mental health

Can photography support mental health? The Photography Movement believes it can. In collaboration with photographer Charlie Clift and the ‘Let’s Talk’ campaign, they are enabling conversations around mental health through the medium of photography.

When best friends Scott Shillum and Steve Wallington both lost close friends and family to suicide, they decided to do something positive around the sensitive subject of mental health. Founded in 2017, The Photography Movement is a not-for-profit organisation, fostering a community spirit where individuals of all ages can discuss mental wellbeing through the medium of photography. Breaking the silence around mental health, The Photography Movement also raises awareness and funds for charity partners.

In collaboration with Mental Health UK, The Photography Movement presents the Let’s Talk Wellbeing Programme. It has been expertly designed to open conversations and promote better understanding of mental health in the workplace and beyond. The creative nature of the project enables colleagues to share, talk and connect over the medium of photography. It also inspires people to use photography as a tool to help improve and support mental wellbeing.

‘Let’s Talk’ is a renowned national campaign by photographer Charlie Clift – a stunning series of bold and brave portraits where the subject’s most intimate and difficult thoughts are illustrated onto their faces by artist Kate Forrester. These intimate portraits, also including celebrities Sue Forrester and Alistair Campbell, tell each subject’s personal experiences around mental health.

The programme is available to all types of organisations. You can choose between a supplied ‘Let’s Talk’ exhibition, workshops, panel discussions and employee photography initiatives. Tailored packages complement each company’s internal wellbeing programme, encouraging and enabling people to share the story of how they feel.

We invite everyone to join The Photography Movement and start the conversation, inspire others to compose, connect and communicate.

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Let’s Talk Wellbeing Programme

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