Mental Health UK partner with ITN Business to discuss “The future of work: people, culture and tech”

Mental Health UK are delighted to be partnering with ITN Business as part of their programme looking at the “Future of Work”. The programme showcases how professionals can stay ahead of the curve and adapt to the latest developments across the employment field.


Recently, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) published that 4.4% of people were unemployed between February to April 2024 – the highest rate since September 2021. Set against this are the concerning figures revealed in our annual benchmark report for burnout, that one in five (20%) working adults needed to take time off work in the past year due to poor mental health caused by pressure or stress.

So how can businesses and individuals adapt and thrive in this ever changing and challenging world? How can future leaders and HR professionals be able to understand what the “Future of Work” might look like for individuals and the organisations where they work?

ITN presenter, Duncan Golestani, explores throughout the programme how evolving technologies, cultural shifts and workplace dynamics are redefining professional landscapes.
The series will showcase interviews with thought leaders and professionals exploring:

  • how people policies can adapt to innovative technology;
  • what it takes to maintain financial and legal wellbeing;
  • how workplace safety laws are adapting to account for a dispersed and hybrid workforce;
  • what is required to build a positive inclusive company culture and,
  • the role learning and development programmes can play in setting organisations up for success.

As part of the ITN Business programme, Deidre Bowen, Head of National Programmes at Mental Health UK shares her own story of burnout, how she supported her wellbeing during this time, and the critical role workplaces have in supporting the positive mental health of their workforce.

"The future of work, as we see it at Mental Health UK, is where mental health is the core component of every organisation's workplace strategy."

– Deidre Bowen - Director of National Programmes

Watch this insightful programme produced by ITN Business to hear from companies embracing workplace evolution for people, culture or technology and find out how to stay ahead of the curve and adapt to the latest developments across the employment field.

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