Our new ‘Homes for Refugees’ community on Clic

Our peer support platform, Clic, has recently extended its reach by setting up the ‘Homes for Refugees’ community – to offer support to households across the UK who are hosting refugees or asylum seekers or thinking about doing so.

What is it?

Homes for Refugees is a safe, online community where people who are hosting refugees in Britain can access practical information, share their experiences with fellow hosts, and receive peer support. It is accessed online at homesforrefugees.clic-uk.org and is free to use.

Who’s it for?

This online community is here to support anyone who is hosting a refugee or asylum seeker. We recognise that this can be an amazing, challenging and life-changing experience, both for hosts and those being hosted. It’s an experience that inevitably comes with highs and lows due to the nature and unfamiliarity of the situation. That’s why it’s paramount when looking after others, to also consider and look after your own mental health.

We also supply resources and recommendations that may be useful for the people being hosted. Hosts can pass on any valuable information and support to the refugee(s) in their care.

How does it work?

Clic Chat

Clic Chat is best as a touchpoint you can use for everyday things, to connect with likeminded people, or to simply have a chat about your day. It’s also the fastest way to reach out to other members and to begin having supportive online conversations, about mental health, supporting refugees in the UK or anything else.

Information & Support

Another way to get tangible tips, tools and resources is in the Information & Support’ section. This area brings together Mental Health UK resources with external resources covering topics such as ‘Refugee Physical Health’, ‘How to talk to children about war’ and where to get support on housing, employment, benefits and immigration.


Beyond this mental health information and support, we’ve also set up online forums where you can talk to other hosts, as well as expert advice and support, created especially for you by Mental Health UK’s experts and others working with refugees. The forums include topics like ‘practical challenges’ and ‘mental health’, though these will be updated according to the needs of those who use the service.

“We’re absolutely delighted to launch our Homes for Refugees community on Clic. At Mental Health UK, we know that supporting refugees and asylum seekers is an incredible and life-changing experience for everyone involved, but that it also comes with challenges, both practical and for people’s mental health and wellbeing. Through Clic, we’re building a platform for host families and individuals to share their experience, access advice and support one another as they continue a proud tradition. We look forward to seeing how our community will provide assistance to those fleeing conflict and attempting to build a new life in the UK.”

– Tom O’Connor, Head of Programmes

I heard about a local refugee charity through a friend who told me they were in desperate need of homes around Manchester. I live on my own and have a spare bedroom so it seemed like an obvious opportunity to help out.

Hosting an asylum seeker was an easy decision, I gained a friend and it felt good being able to make a small difference and help someone less fortunate than me out.

– Adam (host)

We know that refugees arriving in this country are often vulnerable, scared and exhausted. They may have seen and lived through some unthinkable experiences. Your role as a host is therefore so important; you represent support and goodwill, and your home may be the first place of safety for the people you’re welcoming.

So if you (or somebody you know) are housing refugees, do spread the word about the Homes for Refugees community on Clic. It’s here to make the society we live in a safer, more harmonious, and better supported place to connect with fellow hosts and get support with your mental wellbeing.



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