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Recognising and listening to my emotions has helped with my anxiety and depression – Becky’s story

5th January 2024

We can sometimes feel frustrated or guilty when we experience emotions such as anxiety or a low mood, that impact our lives. Becky spoke to us about how recognising, accepting and reflecting on her emotions helped her to learn lessons that now support her in navigating experiences of depression or anxiety.

When it’s not ‘just’ anxiety

18th May 2023

Too often, people experiencing anxiety are dismissed as being ‘just’ sensitive or told that they are ‘just’ worrying. Em shares her experience of the debilitating effect that anxiety can have on someone’s life, affecting everything from daily tasks to participating in the hobbies you love. Em reminds us of the legitimacy of the experience of anxiety and to never dismiss someone’s journey with anxiety.

Common anxieties in the workplace and how to manage them

17th May 2023

Anxiety and stress at work are sharply on the rise, and worryingly only a quarter of workplaces are estimated to actually have plans in place to support people should they experience chronic stress. What are the common themes at work that people find anxiety inducing? Tackling these could reduce chances of chronic stress or burnout. We’ve broken down common workplace anxieties and what you can do to support people experiencing them.

My experience with anxiety and PTSD from suicide bereavement

16th May 2023

My name is Damien and I’ve been working with ISG as a Design Manager for 2.5 years. I have experienced post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and anxiety for several years now, and I manage my symptoms both through personal methods and also thanks to the support I received from my workplace, which I originally didn’t know existed.

Anxiety in the workplace: the impact on the nation’s workforce

16th May 2023

Anxiety at work is on the rise. Over 8 million people in the UK experience an anxiety disorder, and burnout and stress are costing industries over 70 million sick days per year. What exactly is making employees in workplaces so anxious, and what are the truths about just how many of us are anxious at work?

How exercising through cycling helped me to manage my anxiety

12th May 2023

Anxiety can present itself in many different ways for us all, and we have different ways of coping with symptoms and managing our mental health. We spoke to Josh and Mellissa, who told us their unique experiences with anxiety and poor mental health, and how exercise and cycling helped them both to improve their mood and ease feelings of anxiety.

Anxiety doesn’t define me

11th May 2023

Anxiety is not linear, nor one dimensional and it affects people in different ways. My experience with anxiety started when I was a child. I would not go to sleepovers as I was anxious that I wouldn’t be able to sleep. I was also anxious in school and didn’t really mix with other kids particularly. I was bullied my whole school life. When I was a teenager I suffered very badly with anxiety, I would avoid situations I didn’t feel safe in and hide in my room a lot.

My terror of living with health anxiety

5th May 2023

Health anxiety is a lesser spoken about condition that can have a severe impact on someone’s life. The anxiety that you’re going to get unwell or that you are unwell can cause daily life to consist of panic and fear. We spoke to Lillian about her experience with health anxiety and how she reached out for support.

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