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How movement healed my relationship with my body and mind

20th December 2023

With January upon us, many of us look to make New Year’s Resolutions and changes to our lives in the hopes of reaping the rewards. Whilst it can be great for our wellbeing to set goals, some of us might find resolutions surrounding diet and exercise damaging to our mental health. Tierney talks us through how she used the power of movement to positively impact her mood and dissociated the concept of exercising purely to change your body or look a certain way.

Summer body image and self-harm

28th June 2023

Summer is typically a time for looser, more revealing clothing, but for someone who struggles with their body image — the way they think and feel about their appearance — summer may be a difficult time. For people who self-harm or who have scars from self-harm, it can be even more distressing.

Body Image: “With eczema, I felt worried that people would look at my arms and be disgusted.”

8th June 2023

Sometimes there are parts of our bodies that can make us feel particularly insecure or anxious. We spoke to Luke, who explained how having eczema as a teenager affected his body image and caused him to lack confidence. He tells us how the experience has now left him more empathetic towards other people, and the insecurities they might be facing with skin conditions.

Body Image: “My body image was never an issue until the rise of social media.”

7th June 2023

When social media started to become popular, Prisha began to fixate on fitness creators and desired to change her body. She spoke to us about how it was the exposure to certain body type ideals online that influenced her behaviour of exercising in a regimented way to achieve a certain look, and it was once she took a step back that she realised what was online wasn’t always reality.

Body Image: “Social media made me feel worse about my body.”

7th June 2023

Daryl first started to experience negative feelings towards her body after her body underwent changes after a life transition. She tells us how she got back to a healthy mind set through treating her body with kindness and reminding herself that what you see on social media, isn’t always reality.

How opening up about my mental health helped me overcome my negative perception of my appearance

24th November 2022

Christian was born with facial differences known as severe craniofacial anomalies. Growing up, he had over fifty reconstructive surgeries to transform his appearance and improve his confidence and life outcomes. Opening up to the people he loved is what helped Christian change how he thinks and feels about himself physically, which in turn eased his mental health difficulties.

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