Christmas Appeal 2022

With the cost-of-living crisis causing untold emotional stress and anxiety across the UK, we must be able to support people in a helpful and practical way.

A kind gift from you this Christmas could help fund our Mental Health & Money Advice service, offering expert support to people experiencing issues with their mental health and financial situation.

We know that Christmas can be an expensive time of year – and will be especially tough for those already struggling with their mental health. However, if you are able to show your support today, please do so. Anything you can afford to give will be greatly appreciated and will help us to continue to be here for those struggling to cope.

Rob's Story .... one of many

With the cost-of-living increases taking full effect, Rob and his young family were struggling to get by on his minimum wage salary.

They couldn’t afford to heat their home and Rob had to frequently borrow money and food to make sure they had enough to eat.

Rob was struggling with the pressure and felt ashamed that he couldn’t provide for his family. He found himself having some worrying thoughts. He told us that things got so desperate that he considered taking his own life on more than one occasion.

Thankfully, we were there for Rob when he needed someone to turn to. Our Mental Health & Money Advice team identified the financial support he was entitled to, gave him some possible debt solutions and helped him apply for a heat fund.

These practical steps have helped Rob to have some peace of mind this winter, knowing that his family will be kept warm over the colder months.

[name changed to protect identity]

could allow 60 people to access our Mental Health & Money Advice website where they can find support and resources to improve their financial and mental health.

could enable someone to book an hour-long appointment with a specialist adviser to get tailored information, advice and support for their mental health and money problems.

could buy ten people a copy of our Mental Health and Money Toolkit, helping them overcome their money problems and improve their mental health at the same time.

A snowball effect

Cost-of-living increasing

Interest rates increased by 0.75 percentage points to 3% which is the biggest hike in more than three decades (BBC, 2022).

Difficulty paying bills

93% of adults in Great Britain reported an increase in their cost of living in August-September 2022 (ONS, 2022).

Strain on mental health

77% of people in the UK are feeling stressed and anxious about how they’re going to cope (ONS, 2022).

Rent increasing

Average monthly cost of rent in October 2022 stands at £1,171 –  this is 10.6% higher than 12 months ago. (HomeLet Rental Index, 2022)

Support for you

Mental Health & Money Advice

Mental Health & Money Advice is a unique service that helps people understand, manage, and improve their financial wellbeing. We’ve helped thousands of people with debt, improved access to benefits and developed financial management skills. It’s a lifeline for people caught in the ‘vicious cycle’ caused by mental health and financial problems.

Tips for managing your money and mental health in 2023

The holiday period, including Christmas and New Year, invites us to spend vast sums of money on gifts and food. This can mean that some people start the new year with a financial hangover that is tricky to recover from. We’ve put together some practical tips for you to manage your financial and mental health in 2023.

Christmas and your mental health

Christmas can be a testing time mentally, emotionally, physically and financially for many people. This year a great deal of us are feeling the fatigue and pressure brought on by the cost-of-living crisis. It’s okay if you’re not feeling full of joy during the festive season. We’re here to help you with your mental health.

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