Christmas Appeal 2021

This Christmas, people all over the UK will find themselves overwhelmed by their money issues, and many will feel unable to cope with the impact it’s having on their mental health. Please give the gift of financial and mental health support to thousands of people in need this year.

Choose how you'd like to donate:

£5 could allow 12 people with money and mental health issues to access online tools for additional support.

£20 could allow 50 people to access the Mental Health & Money Advice website where they can find support and resources to improve their financial and mental health.

£30 could refer someone for an hour-long appointment with a specialist advisor to get tailored information, advice, and support for their mental health and money issues.

£7 a month could help a specialist advisor offer tailored advice, information, and support to someone for their mental health and money problems.

By donating to our festive appeal today, you can bring glad tidings to the people who need it most.

"I’m now able to leave the house and go to the shops and library. I have even started going to the park with my son for a kick-about, which just wasn’t possible before. I know I still have a way to go, but thanks to Mental Health & Money Advice I have improved my confidence and built up some skills to better manage my situation."

– Stephen

Why we need your help

We desperately need your help today to meet the increased levels of demand for our mental health and money support services over the festive period. By donating to our Christmas appeal today, you can bring hope, security, and stability to the people who need it most. People like Ian, TJ, and Stephen…

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