Improving wellbeing for frontline workers

Location: Durham, North East England

Frontline staff working in the North East prisons provide psychological therapy to support prisoners with mental illnesses. They also support prisoners to better manage their mental health when they are released. Staff generally stay in the prison for the duration of their shift, and prison restrictions mean their opportunities for wellbeing breaks, e.g. leaving for lunch, are very limited. And like most frontline workers, they’ve faced additional pressures as they’ve worked throughout the pandemic in a challenging environment.

These frontline teams have requested simple kitchen equipment like a toaster or coffee machine, to give them a bit more options for their meal times and make them more enjoyable. Fundraising will allow for the purchase of this equipment, as well as additional items like plants, radios, and stocking a ‘wellbeing box’ to create a more positive working environment, and boost team morale.

Helping Communities
Prosper in 2022

The pandemic has had a profound impact on mental health; millions of people will develop a mental health problem, or have seen their existing conditions worsen.

Our partnership with Lloyds Banking Group is helping us to deliver much needed mental health services to people and communities across the UK.