Creative Connection

Choose a craft and get a group together on zoom or in real life.

Today, our support has never been so vital which is why we’re launching a brand new fundraising campaign called Creative Connection. It’s all about coming together through the healing power of crafting.

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All you need to do is host a get-together with a crafting activity.

We’re asking you to join in to raise money for our essential services. Not only will you be helping us to support more people across the UK, but it’s guaranteed to make you and those around you feel good too!

So, if you fancy a crafting challenge and could do with a positive boost yourself, this campaign is for you!

Click here to host a Creative Connection event

Holding a Creative Connection event with your friends and family is the best way to get involved.

This could be online or face to face. Collaging, card making, origami, knitting, you name it, you can do it. It’s all about getting fingers moving, voices talking and faces smiling.

We’ll be providing lots of ideas on different crafts with step-by-step instructions plus a jam-packed calendar of events with expert webinars, craft-a-longs and challenges. Perfect for a little extra inspiration or motivation.

Are you ready to get crafting? Here's how it works...

  • Date

    Decide on a date for your get-together and your crafting theme.

  • Register

    Register below and create your fundraising page.

  • Guests

    Invite your guests – just email them the link to your fundraising page, they make a donation and click to let you know they’re coming, easy!

  • Get creative!

    Have a fabulous time at your Creative Connection!

Register to host your own Creative Connection.

Creative Calligraphy

Try your hand at beautiful lettering with these easy worksheets

Download your origami Masu Box

The possibilities are endless for the design and use of this box!

Download your origami tulip

A guide to creating some beautiful paper tulips.

Do some pot decorating

Use this guide to decorate cleaned out yoghurt pots and use them to plant seeds!

Download your tulip

Print and colour in this tulip from the award-winning artist, Paul Cummins to raise awareness for mental health. Pop it in your window when you’re done!

Over on Clic, our free online community for everyone’s mental health, you’ll find lots more information on how to continue on your creative journey. Explore our ‘Getting Creative’ information page, which gives ideas for creative activities to try. Clic users have also been sharing their creative endeavours throughout lockdown on our forums, providing plenty of inspiration!

Create your account on Clic today to join our community. It’s free to sign up, and you are welcome to join in as often or as little as you like. We look forward to seeing you!