RED January 2024

Mental Health UK have partnered with RED TOGETHER for the RED January challenge!

This event has already happened.

A nationwide movement for mental wellbeing

For 2024 Mental Health UK have partnered with RED TOGETHER for their RED January challenge.

What is RED January?

RED January provides everyone with a free and inclusive way to boost their activity levels and wellbeing. Throughout January, participants will take on a movement challenge or goal that works for their fitness level and lifestyle. This could be something as simple as walking, jogging, swimming and cycling, but could be even more adventurous; it’s totally up to the individual!

By taking part, not only will you be supporting your own wellbeing, but you can support others too by fundraising for Mental Health UK. Take a step forward for yourself and others and sign up to RED January today.

This year, 10% of all funds raised in RED January will go towards Mental Health UK, which is incredible and we want you to get involved!

How do I register?

Join as an individual, or create a team with your friends, family, club or workplace, to get some healthy competition going!
2. Set your challenge
Set a daily movement goal that works for you and your lifestyle. This will be your January challenge!
3. Support your community
Set a fundraising target, and help local movement and mental health projects around the country to keep moving forward.

You can help us provide more support for people affected by mental health problems.

The positive impact the group has had on me is huge. I don’t feel so isolated any more. If the support had not been available I would still be facing depression and loneliness, unable to look after myself and over-thinking things.

Amita, Rethink Mental Illness support group member

Raise money and have fun!

Read what some of our fundraisers have to say.

"I enjoyed seeing my fundraising increase on a weekly basis, the events that I organised pushed me out of my comfort zone, I talked to people about Mental Health in a way that I would never have done otherwise."

Louise Greenwood,
Lloyds Banking Group

"I was totally elated when I crossed the line and so glad I’d given it a go!"

Helen Taylor

"Mental Health UK was a friendly partner to have. I received lots of motivational encouragement via email which maybe doesn’t sound like much but knowing people are rooting for you really helps"

Richard Gray

Contact us

If you have questions about any of our events or fundraising please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly events team are happy to help!

What will my money go towards?

The money you raise makes a real impact on people’s lives. here are some of the things we spend event fundraising on.

Support groups

Our support groups can be a lifeline for those experiencing mental health problems.


Providing practical advice to help people better understand and manage their mental health.


Creating easy-to-understand educational resources about mental health.