Fundraising at home

Fundraise at home

Move it for Mental Health

Join #TeamMHUK for our latest virtual event, Move it for Mental Health. Improve your wellbeing and fundraise to help others with theirs too.

This is Nick. Nick is our hero. The money he has raised has helped us to carry on supporting the people that need us most through this difficult time.

Can you help us too?

As a result of the coronavirus, people are experiencing severe challenges to their mental health and wellbeing. The impact of social isolation, health worries, and uncertainty are taking their toll on everyone. Some people are experiencing mental health issues for the first time and many others who had previously existing conditions, are having to cope with exacerbated feelings of anxiety, depression, isolation and helplessness.

Virtual Fundraisers

Download our virtual fundraising toolkit for tips and ideas of how to come together (virtually!) with colleagues, family and friends to have fun and fundraise for Mental Health UK. Our fundraising ideas consist of at least one of the Five Ways to Wellbeing (Take Notice, Be Active, Connect, Keep Learning and Give), to make sure you are keeping well whilst supporting our cause.

Download the virtual fundraising toolkit

Pandemic hair- do’s

Let’s be honest, for a lot of us out there, it has been difficult coming to terms with the fact that you’re not getting your regular hair cut any time soon, or if you are, it will be a DIY job. You could fundraise like Nick did – brave the shave, choose a silly hair cut, or decide to grow a moustache or beard and ask people to donate.

Step by Step

What steps will you take to push yourself today and the day after, and the day after that? Step by Step is a great way of supporting us and your mental wellbeing throughout this crisis.

Hannah decided to walk up and down her stairs at home ten times a day. “It’s a way of keeping some exercise in my routine, not having to leave the house and allows my friends and family to support a charity that is close to my heart.”

You can be like Hannah, or you can use your government advised daily exercise outside to challenge yourself on a daily basis.

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Virtual quizzes!

Who would have thought that quizzes would take off as they have?!

Set a time and date with friends and family, make yourself quizmaster extraordinaire and ask for a donation from everyone taking part. You could even set a theme for the quiz and have everyone dress up for it.

Organising raffles

Holding an auction or raffle is a great way of generating funds with minimal costs. However, you must ensure it is legal for it to be as successful as possible!

Download our handy guide on organising your raffle.

Raffles guide

Virtual running events

If you are adhering to government guidelines whilst making the most of your daily exercise, why not sign up for one of these virtual runs? Once completed- you get a medal!

Facebook birthday fundraiser

Having a birthday during this pandemic is less than ideal. However- you can do something amazing and set up a Facebook fundraiser to help us to support people that need us.

We want to hear from you!

Please stay in touch and let us know all the amazing things you are doing to stay well and raise money during this time. You can do this by emailing [email protected]