I’m All Ears

Most of us are living through a period of social isolation for the very first time, but this doesn’t mean we can’t stay connected with our colleagues, friends, and family.

Whether you’re working on a site or from home, you may be facing huge pressures and uncertainties that no-one has faced before. You might feel isolated from friends and family, while also worried about your own health and safety, and those of your loved ones. Your industry has enhanced health and safety measures as a result of covid-19 to keep people physically safe on site. During these trying times, we need to do even more to keep everyone mentally healthy too.

I’m All Ears is a conversation guide you can use to check in on how your colleagues are coping and adapting to these new ways of working and living. It includes signposting tools for your staff to find additional help if they need it. We’ve also developed an I’m All Ears frame on Facebook so your staff can share online that they’ve taken part in turning awareness into action by being ‘All Ears’ for someone.

Learning how to listen is key to helping each other through these difficult times. Although we all need to practice physical distancing, we can all stay socially connected.

We worked in collaboration with our partners ISG plc to develop I’m All Ears in 2019.

Let’s get the construction industry talking about mental health; tell your friends and workmates about I’m All Ears.

Not everyone has somebody they can talk to. Help us be ‘All Ears’ for people across the UK by donating £3 to take part in I’m All Ears.

Contact [email protected] for your I’m All Ears guide.