Physically active in Wales

The covid-19 pandemic is making it increasingly difficult to stay fit and healthy. This is even harder if you have a mental health condition, as you are more likely to have a physical health problem too. Help us to keep people affected by mental health problems active during lockdown through a series of online videos and educational resources that they can access from home.

People affected by mental health problems are disproportionately affected by physical health problems, as well as feelings of isolation. Lockdown rules are making it even harder to stay fit, healthy and mentally well. Not taking part in exercise at home will affect physical and mental wellbeing.

By creating a series of online videos and resources showing viewers how to take part in gentle exercise at home, we will prevent physical conditions from worsening, and improve mental wellbeing. We need funding in order to create and promote these new videos and resources to ensure those who need them will see them.

These exercise videos and resources will be helpful during the pandemic and beyond. For those who aren’t comfortable using community exercise resources, this will teach them new ways to stay healthy which they may not have known before.

We need £30,000 to make this happen. Please donate what you can today.

We need £30,000 to make this happen. To send a secure bank transfer please use the following details:

Sort code: 010931

Account number: 59428945

Account name: Mental Health UK

Reference: LetsGetPhysical

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If you would like to talk to us about your donation, please email [email protected].