Dedicated covid-19 mental health worker in Lincolnshire

Thanks to funding by Johnson & Johnson, we are able to employ a new Mental Health Navigator to work in North East Lincolnshire to help tackle the crisis. The individual will help those in their community with mental health problems which have arisen as a result of covid-19. Coronavirus has resulted in a mental health crisis as well as a physical one. NHS resources are being diverted from all non-urgent departments to meet the pressure of treating covid-19 patients. 

We are seeing a significant rise in mental health problems due to coronavirus, and this is putting an already pressurised system under extreme stress. Having a new Mental Health Navigator will mean NHS resources and clinical staff can go towards fighting the coronavirus pandemic.

People who need help for their mental health currently aren’t accessing the support and reassurance that they require in their local community. Often, it’s not clinical support they need but support for managing their money, ensuring they have a safe place to live and that they remain socially connected. The Mental Health Navigator will work on a one to one basis with people who are struggling in the local community. They will not only signpost them to the support they need but safely be by their side to support them with the next steps.

Thank you to Johnson & Johnson for funding this project.