Protect the Rethink Advice and Information Service Advisors

Coronavirus is leading to a mental health crisis. More people are seeking mental health support for the first time due to the covid-19 pandemic and we need help in order to support them. Fund an Advisor for the Rethink Advice and Information Service so that we can provide impartial support to those in need.

The Rethink Advice and Information Service helps thousands of people in England every year to:

  • Understand their rights and be equipped with the tools to ensure these are upheld and respected
  • Know what local support is available to them and how to access it
  • Feel confident in finding solutions to the issues they face and empower them to take action

This service is more crucial than ever, as people are accessing support for their mental health for the first time as a result of the pandemic. But the ability to respond to those who need it most is at risk with fundraising having come to a near halt. Help us to keep this vital service running by funding an Advisor.

Each Advisor supports an average of 1300 people per year through 1-1 phone advice, email and webchat. They also ensure that online resources are up-to-date and accessible for all. These resources are accessed over 3 million times annually.

We must ensure people have access to the information, support and reassurance they need to understand and uphold their rights. We must continue to provide high-quality advice and information to build people’s confidence and empower them to take action to support themselves.

We need £40,000 to pay for an Advisor to sustain this vital service. Please donate what you can today.

The Rethink Advice and Information Service supports people across England with practical help on a wide range of topics such as The Mental Health Act, community care, welfare benefits, and carers rights. As well as general information on living with mental illness, medication and care.

We need £40,000 to fund an Advisor Please donate what you can today. To send a secure bank transfer please use the following details:

Sort code: 010931

Account number: 59428945

Account name: Mental Health UK

Reference: RAIS Advisor

Please check you have entered the details correctly before clicking transfer

If you would like to talk to us about your donation, please email [email protected].