Help newly released prisoners’ mental health in England

The government recently announced the instant release of pregnant prisoners as well as a cohort with 3 months or less service. This has resulted in our Mental Health Care Navigation service being inundated with requests. Help us to fund the printing of a new ‘Preparing for Release’ information guide to better support those leaving prison with the mental health care they need, specific to this pandemic.

Being released from prison is a huge life change and some people need additional support for their mental health during this time. Our Mental Health Navigation Service provides support and guidance to individuals during the chaotic release period through a series of personalised face-to-face meetings. Due to coronavirus, these meetings have stopped for the safety of the individual and care worker.

A co-ordinated release plan is paramount for prisoner wellbeing. They may not know how or where to access the relevant support that they require and having this information guide would alleviate stress and anxiety. It helps to prevent reoffence and tackle areas where releases often fail.

Thanks to the pandemic, prisoners are being released into a community on lockdown. There is limited access to healthcare, housing, transport, education and food banks which will make the release period even more challenging. As a result, the service has developed a ‘Preparing for Release’ guide to provide information and support that is bespoke to the covid-19 pandemic.

We need £1,500 to produce and print the Preparing for Release guide in the North East of England. Please donate today.

We need £1,500 to make this happen. To send a secure bank transfer please use the following details:

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