Christmas Appeal 2021

This Christmas, thousands of people across the UK will find themselves overwhelmed by their money problems, and unable to cope with the impact it’s having on their mental health.

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Our Mental Health & Money Advice service delivers clear, practical advice and support for the thousands of people experiencing issues with their mental health and money. We want to ‘tide people over’ during the festive period, and offer them a happier and more prosperous new year. Can you help us do just that?

We're helping people like TJ, Stephen, and Ian...

TJ's Story

TJ lives with a number of mental health conditions, and her online spending spiralled out of control when she was isolated from her support network. She was referred to our Mental Health & Money Advice service, and we helped her to take control of her finances by reaching out to her bank and water company.

“I couldn’t sleep, I lost my appetite, and I found myself on edge all the time. It felt relentless. I knew my health wouldn’t improve unless I did something to manage my money too… trying to hide from everything wasn’t doing me any good.”

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Stephen's Story

Stephen lives with anxiety and depression. He was on the road to recovery when he learned his Income Support was stopping. His Mental Health & Money Advisor helped him apply for Universal Credit and receive medical support.

I felt it was easier to ignore the situation, which just made my anxiety and depression worse. I was lost, with nowhere to turn for help. I still have a way to go, but thanks to Mental Health & Money Advice, I’ve improved my confidence and built up skills to manage my situation.”

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Ian's Story

When Ian’s wife passed away, he was left looking after his daughter and autistic son. Worrying about debt, his mental health deteriorated. Our service got Ian’s debt written off and helped him move forward.

“I was stressed. Thinking there was no way out. Constantly worrying about how I was going to manage to live. I knew I was with the right service. The stress I was suffering reduced. I had someone with the knowledge, passion, and expertise to work it out on my behalf.”

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Mental Health & Money Advice

Mental Health & Money Advice is a unique telephone and online service that helps people understand, manage, and improve their financial wellbeing. We’ve helped thousands of people with debt, accessing benefits, and financial management skills. It’s a lifeline for people caught in the ‘vicious cycle’ caused by mental health and financial problems. Demand has been soaring this year. And that’s because it really works!


  • 72% of people report improved wellbeing after using the service.
  • £3,500 was the average gain for each client referred to us.

A snowball effect

Spending and borrowing

The Bank of England predicts public spending rises by around 20% during the festive season. Nearly 9 million people increased their borrowing last year.

Mental health and finances

1 in 5 people experiencing mental health problems also experience financial issues. And around 50% of people in debt are also experiencing mental health problems.

Universal Credit

The temporary weekly increase for Universal Credit claimants has now been cut. More people than ever before could be left outside in the cold this year – overwhelmed by their money issues, and unable to cope.

We need you!

Help us give the gift of clear, practical mental health and money support

We desperately need your help today to meet the increased levels of demand for our Mental Health & Money Advice and support services over the festive period. All donations will go towards supporting our core services (including Mental Health & Money Advice, Clic, and Bloom). The more money we raise, the more people we can help. 

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Have a happier new year

Who are we?

We bring together nearly 50 years of expertise from our four national founding charity partners to improve understanding and provide vital care.

We support people, across the UK, who are affected by mental health problems including friends, family, and carers. Find out more.

Our other services

Clic is our free online community. For anyone experiencing mental health problems, it’s a safe place for people to connect. Find out more about Clic.

Bloom is our resilience programme, delivered in schools to young people aged 14-18. Find out more about Bloom.

Get support

If you’re worried about your own mental health and money situation download our free Mental Health & Money Toolkit for practical support with this. You can use it to help guide conversations with your relevant healthcare worker about your mental health and money.

Festive fundraising ideas

Move it for Mental Health

Join hundreds of people up and down the UK who are moving it for mental health through this second lockdown over the festive period and into the new year. Do something to help your wellbeing while moving forward together for mental health.

Christmas Advent Calendar

Each day on the run up to Christmas we’re bringing you wellbeing tips, festive activities and easy ways to fundraise.

Send a virtual Christmas card

Save the planet and donate to Mental Health UK by sending a virtual Christmas card to someone you love this Christmas. Each card sent will raise vital funds for us.