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Project Updates

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After the makeover - the big reveal!

May 2022

This picture shows you the new Fieldview garden after its makeover, which was possible thanks to your fundraising. The tree stump table is gone, replaced a new seating area that’s much more appealing. A swing bench has been added to a corner of the garden – giving people a space where they can sit and enjoy the weather. The paving has been replaced, and the shed moved, opening up the space and making it safer. With the addition of seating here, it can create a third seating area. This gives people a choice – they can sit and socialise, but the swing bench also gives them a space where they can be alone if they want time away from others. Finally, many new sensory plants have been added to the garden at the suggestion of a service user. For example, some smell good which is for scent, and others have a velvety feel – for touch. In time, we’d like to add a water feature to create a further calming space with the sound of trickling water (another suggestion from a service user). On behalf of the staff and service users at Fieldview, thank you for helping us create this lovely new space!

Before the makeover

April 2022

This picture shows you what the Fieldview garden looks like before its makeover. A large tree stump in the pebbly area had been transformed into a table. But it’s rarely used as its height and the pebbles make it unappealing. The paved area is where people spend a lot of time, but the paving is uneven and broken in some areas. Overall, the garden needs some TLC to turn it into a more vibrant, appealing space.