Therapeutic Coaching

Many business owners and leaders feel they need help with their mental health but don’t know where to start. Lloyds Bank and Bank of Scotland are offering free therapeutic coaching sessions to UK business owners and leaders, delivered by expert coaches from Mental Health UK.

On this page you can find: Mental Health UK’s research into the needs of business owners, what therapeutic coaching is, details about the offer and profiles of the expert coaches to assist you in selecting and booking your first appointment.

What is therapeutic coaching?

Therapeutic coaching is an innovative blend of counselling and coaching designed to help you to reach your potential as a small business owner or leader whilst considering the impact on your mental health.

Mental Health UK coaches are qualified coaches with a background in mental health support so are uniquely placed to help you work through any challenges you may be facing.

Therapeutic sessions offered

The course will consist of 3 sessions:
an initial 30 minute introductory session and two 45 minute sessions to explore your challenges and goals, identify areas of focus and how to move forward.

Sessions are limited and will be offered on a first come, first served basis.

Introductory meeting

30 minute session

Explore challenges

45 minute session

Identify goals and solutions

45 minute session

The agreement between you and your coach, and information around your data and data storage can be found in Mental Health UK’s Therapeutic Coaching Data Privacy Contract. Please read this carefully before booking your initial appointment below.

Should you have any questions do please contact us on: [email protected]

Although therapeutic coaching does consider and support you with your mental health, due to the short-term, future focused nature of coaching, this is not the most appropriate support to address severe mental health issues, high levels of distress or if you are experiencing thoughts of harming yourself and/or others. You can always contact your GP to discuss your mental health and explore options available to you.

Should you feel you require more urgent support. Please visit our page Get Urgent Help where you will find information of where you can access urgent support in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Find your expert coach

Below you can find profiles of Mental Health UK's expert coaches. When you select the coach you wish to see, click on the link below their profile to schedule your first appointment.

Claire Brown

Claire is passionate about enabling others to find meaning and fulfillment in their professional lives. Her mission is to help her clients to step into the fullness of their potential. Claire is full credentialed by the ICF.

Using a holistic approach, she helps them to develop meaningful careers and/or to create businesses that fit within the wider context of their lives.  She empowers them to achieve their goals, honour their priorities and express their values and passions in their work.

Claire helps small business owners to achieve their own sense of success, to facilitate growth and to thrive with clarity, confidence and resilience.

Her approach is highly supportive and empathetic in nature whilst also very practical. As a business owner herself and former Occupational Therapist, she understands the impact of meaningful occupation on our whole lives and this is woven throughout her practice.

In addition to her NHS experience, Claire spent 12 years working across a range of operational roles within the Charity sector and now utilises this in her own Coaching business, which she has been running for almost 4 years.

Her key skills are business coaching & mentoring, career coaching and leadership coaching and she specialises in serving neurodiverse clients. Claire also mentors trainee Coaches for the Coaching Academy.

Claire is a qualified Life Coach, a Licensed Firework Career Coach and certified in Executive Coaching & Team Coaching. She is currently in the process of obtaining her PCC Credential with the ICF, recognising that she has in excess of 500 hours coaching experience.

Julia Brown

Approach: Julia is a clinician by background with more than 35 years’ experience in leading, developing and coaching multi-disciplinary teams and individuals across health, social care, charitable and business sectors. Julia is currently CEO at Brandon Centre, an established, inspirational charity supporting young people’s mental health & wellbeing. She remains passionate about meaningful, leadership development and the positive impact it has for individuals, teams, organisations, and wider systems.

Experience: Responsibilities have included creating new organisations, redesign, major cost reduction, turnarounds, new builds and improving customer experience. Julia specialises in building high performing senior and operational teams. She is an executive individual & team coach with a focus on improving service outcomes and enabling colleagues to perform at their very best. During and post pandemic she has been coaching primary care staff through the Looking After You Too Programme.

Prior to Brandon Centre, Julia was Executive Director of Operations & Development at Kisharon, a leading learning disabilities charity. Julia has recently completed her term as Trustee at North London Hospice and continues as Trustee Spinney Trust, Governor Clayesmore School and Chair, Common Purpose London Advisory Board.

Qualifications: Julia trained as an Executive Coach with Ashridge Business School and is a member of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC). Julia holds a MSc in Health Services Management & Public Health from London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (DH Scholarship), selected for NHS London Next Generation CEO Programme at London Business School and Top Leaders Programme at Warwick University.

Alisa Salamon

I am an ICF PCC, an EMCC Professional Coach, and a certified Corporate Mental Fitness Coach, Career Coach and Group Coach. With 2,000+ hours of professional coaching, my style is transformational, exploratory and person-centred. I help people to have more of an impact on the world, stay mentally fit and secure professional fulfilment.

With over 20 years of experience as a Senior Leader and Certified Specialist in Project and Programme Management in the academic publishing industry, I managed multi-million-dollar budgets and led large, cross-cultural, global teams. I leverage this experience to help Leaders effectively manage change, navigate uncertainty and identify opportunities for growth.

As a Career Coach, I work with Executives and Business Owners, helping them maximize their impact and performance to be better leaders with robust mental health. I work with refugees, immigrant professionals and post-graduate students, helping them find the confidence and resilience to secure leadership positions in high-profile global organizations. I also help people wishing to change careers visualize their future and gain the courage to find a new direction.

As a Corporate Mental Fitness Coach, I work with employees in various industries, helping to boost emotional intelligence, build self-compassion, confidence and resilience. Using a variety of tools and models rooted in positive psychology, I help clients find motivation and purpose, and ultimately thrive.

As a qualified group coach and facilitator, I work with staff members in charities and community groups, helping clients to improve communication, navigate challenge, problem solve creatively and build peer support networks.

Sam James

Sam James is a coach, with over 16 years experience in personal development, performance management, and interventions, bringing together a wealth of understanding and skills in supporting individuals, teams and businesses to flourish and function optimally.

Having studied psychology at York University and more recently a Masters in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology with University of East London, she has pursued a career in supporting individuals and teams in a variety of settings, including the NHS, third sector organisations, local businesses and more recently in her private practice.

Sam is passionate about supporting individuals, teams and businesses to find meaningful, sustainable ways to take care of their wellbeing and nurture their resilience, believing that everyone is the expert in their own wellbeing.

Louise Spurgeon

After spending 20 years within the corporate sector I decided to change careers. I now work as a coach focusing on neuroscience and embodied change for individuals & organisations. The neuroscience element allows clients to have greater tangible understanding of how our brains work rather than relying on abstract psychology.

My coaching style focuses on treating self awareness like a muscle, something that needs ongoing nurturing. Exploring options of change through incrementally growing awareness physically, emotionally and cognitively can not only offer significant benefits to our health and wellbeing but it can also ensure that are goals align with what we really want and need.

I offer a safe, non judgmental space for clients to be seen and heard which in turn can open up possibilities and purpose that may have been previously closed off.

Ceylan Thompson

Ceylan has over 22 years working as an IT Consultant across private, public and charity sector organisations in the technology industry. With the range of skills and mentoring experiences developed over time, she decided to train and pursue coaching and mentoring as a main career focus.

With a MA (Masters) in Coaching and Mentoring, Ceylan’s coaching clients have included national and international leaders, business owners, vulnerable adults wanting to start a business and business startups.

Along with Leadership and Executive Coaching, Ceylan also works as a Therapeutic Coach and Emotional Health & Mental Health Wellbeing Practitioner.

Ceylan helps towards promoting wellbeing strategies and mental health wellbeing care for a range of clients. She has coached clients to harness change, and work towards promoting positive wellbeing approaches to improve personal and professional performance, as well as balance home and work life. She enjoys being a part of the coaching journey with clients to increase awareness of ‘care’ for self, while increasing capability.

Carmen von Haenisch

  • Feeling a bit stuck or out of your depth?
  • Not sure where to turn next or what decisions to make?
  • Struggling with emotions like anxiety, anger or depression?

Engaging with a therapeutic coach like me might help you to find clarity and a way forward. A coach acts as a sounding board and asks questions you might never have asked yourself.

I bring over 20 years’ experience as psychotherapist and coach in private practice and as partner of IBS Consulting Munich. I work with individuals, teams and companies worldwide and support them in developing insight and awareness in behavioural and relational challenges and strategies for change and progress in the interest of self and stakeholders.

I listen not just to the words but also to the context behind the words and work in a solution focused, goal orientated way, asking questions and providing psychological education to foster your understanding of yourself, your relationships and your work contexts.

In addition to sessions in English I also offer the service in German.

Sabrina Ahmed

Sabrina Ahmed is a Burnout Coach and Founder of Open Introvert, a boutique online coaching and training business. She helps experienced professionals overcome burnout and lead fulfilling lives packed full of energy, fun and work they enjoy, through online evidence-based coaching.

She has over 20 years’ experience across financial services organisations delivering change and supply chain projects with vendors, including UBS, Deutsche Bank, and Lancashire Insurance Group, and has delivered workplace resilience coaching at Lloyds Banking Group.

Sabrina has a BSc in Neuroscience, MSc in Computing Science and most recently an MSc Neuroscience and Psychology in Mental Health. This gives her a unique perspective on what influences us under difficult or positive circumstances, and the types of changes we can make that really help.

Her personal experience of burnout and chronic pain conditions underpins her compassionate and approachable style with her clients in the unique challenges they face, drawing on the latest practices from neuroscience, psychology, and creativity research. She loves to put people at ease from the start and makes coaching fun and collaborative.

Priscilla Akutu-Carter

Hi – I’m Priscilla, I’m a qualified psychologist and management consultant, with over 15-years of experience resulting from independent consulting within large national and international financial services firms.

I am evidence-based practitioner, and I am currently working on a couple of active academic research projects.

In my private practice, I combine a coaching approach with my consulting skills to support my clients in moving forwards and accomplishing their goals. I use trauma-informed coaching skills to support people who may be struggling to manage past incidents which may be hindering them in moving forwards.

I am a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA) and co-founded my own social enterprise in 2018. I hold a BSc (Hons) in Cognitive Neuroscience, a Diploma in Coaching Psychology, Diploma in Positive Psychology, and I am an Accredited Mindfulness Teacher.

I look forward to working with you.

Carole Douillot

Carole is an executive and career coach at the advanced PCC accreditation level with the International Coaching Federation. Drawing on experience from 900+ coaching sessions, she guides clients to create and then excel in more fulfilling roles and lives. She helps her clients to recognise and leverage their strengths and values. She believes her clients need to be challenged and pushed out of their comfort zone in order to take action and be more self-aware. She does this in a highly empathetic and compassionate way that allows them to dig deep, recognize their own reality, and gain a better understanding of themselves. She uses Embodied coaching which allows client to embody their transformation for lasting results.

Her sessions help her clients realise what makes them tick, leading them to move forward. Her strengths are that she is good at understanding clients and helping them see things more clearly.

Some of the topics clients want to explore are anxiety, low confidence, imposter syndrome and lack of clarity and focus. Many of her clients have been multipotentialities who have found it hard to stick to one idea or project at a time.

She has set up her own businesses twice and has been supporting business owners for the past 6 years with a mix of approaches depending on their preferred style of partnering and level of directivity requested, making her a very flexible and adaptive coach to fit in with her clients’ specific needs and challenges.

Esmee Russell

As a person and a coach, I believe in change and growth – both individual and societal. I believe in taking action to make this world a better place, whether that’s smiling at a person you meet in the street or working to end homelessness. I believe we can all grow and develop, and I support people to do this through coaching.

As a coach I don’t specialise in a topic – my speciality is people. I support you by creating a space where you can talk about what is on your mind or in your heart – I will listen and hear what you say. I will work with you to identify the change you want and what you need to do to get there – this will involve learning about yourself.

I have worked with clients across all industries from start-ups, to local organisations to global tech and finance organisations. I’ve coached board-level execs all the way through to apprentices. I believe coaching should be available to all.

I’m a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and have trained in positive psychology (focusing on strengths and skills) and transactional analysis (understanding how we interact with other people and the systems around us)

Prior to coaching my career was in the not-for-profit sector. I led teams, both nationally and globally, to develop and implement campaigns to bring about long-term sustainable change. I worked for a number of charities, including Age UK and WaterAid.

Louise Chadwick

Louise is an experienced coach accredited by the International Coaching Federation. As an experienced Business Coach and skilled trainer she works with both individuals and organisations, from a range of business sectors, supporting them on their journey to improve performance and thrive.

Louise is herself an award-winning entrepreneur having set up three businesses and has worked at Director level within the Charity sector developing new programmes, products and funding streams.  Through her 30 year career in business Louise has worked at local, regional, national and international level to support others to develop successful programmes and projects.

Louise uses a solution focused approach to empower clients to take personal responsibility and focus on future goal directed actions using their personal strengths. By working together with the client it is possible to identify solutions that can be carried out in the most effective way.

Louise is an International Coaching Federation Professional Certified Coach with an MSc in Occupational Psychology. She is an Accredited Member of the International Stress Management Association and a Registered Career Development Professional with the Career Development Institute. Louise holds a BA Hons in Business Enterprise and is currently studying for a PhD in Organisational Health and Wellbeing with a focus on burnout and stress.

Angie Giles

Angie Giles is a warm and engaging therapeutic coach with experience in mental health and coaching over 11 years + as a sole trader and more recently also working freelance as a trainer in leadership behaviours.

Angie loves seeing people thrive and enjoys supporting them in overcoming personal ups and downs, whether going through a challenging personal life experience, a mental health experience or work/ business related issues. Her aim is to provide a safe space for clients in which to process and figure out issues that they may want to reflect and work through.

Before developing herself as a therapist and NLP coach, she worked her way up the work ladder ending her Corporate career as a professionally qualified coach, having worked 20 years for a Financial Services company. It was a career where she experienced regular stresses of pressure to deliver on projects and she admits experiencing burn-out at times. She values the rich experience of roles she has had and is also grateful to have subsequently learnt to make her boundaries clearer and get better at managing stress levels and pressures.

Dina Grishin

Dina is a life and career coach based in London, coaching worldwide.  She works with professionals, self-employed creatives and small business owners who are feeling stuck in their careers or with their work. She takes her clients through her signature clarity process which helps them see exactly what they need to do to create meaningful change and move forward in a way that feels aligned to their strengths, values and vision, and won’t burn them out.

Dina’s passion has always been psychology and personal development. After getting her psychology degree, she went looking for her calling in the world of work. She experienced many different industries (from health and fashion, to education and luxury) as well as different work cultures (from corporate and start-up, to public sector and freelance) before deciding to return to her first love (psychology) and get a masters in Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology in order to become a coach.

Dina’s  coaching practice has been going for 7 years and in this time she has been both self-employed and employed as head of coaching for a career accelerator start-up that worked with brands and self-employed creatives helping them achieve their career dreams.

As well as coaching 1:1, she has created group courses, spoken on panels and is regularly hired to deliver workshops and talks for brands worldwide on topics such as goals-setting, The Hero’s Journey, career clarity and getting unstuck.

Lucinda Shaw

It’s not easy to get to the top and it’s still not easy once you make it. No matter what stage of your career or life you’re at, there are often niggling doubts about whether you really know what you are doing. Those doubts can slowly chip away at your confidence and self-belief, making it harder to do what you want to do and get to where you want to be.

Believing in yourself takes work and the knowledge that someone who understands will walk with you. If you can’t fly, climb. I will climb with you as you discover how to get out of your own way. I will be kind but I won’t let you hide.

I’m here to listen. When you’re ready, let’s talk.

  • PCC accredited coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • Diploma in Coaching ICF ACTP
  • Experience working across the corporate, private and voluntary sectors
  • including C-suite and entrepreneurs
  • Coaching the Childhood Story practitioner
  • Facilitator and coach at The Leadership Trust
  • Trained team coach and mediator
  • Senior executive in the UK voluntary sector for over 30 years
  • Mentor on Professional Coaching Skills Diploma training course

Theresa Pass

I’m a Charity CEO, a dog lover, Musher, wild swimmer and runner (Sloth speed but I still run!)  I am mildly obsessed with dogs, swimming and Parkrun, and I am hugely obsessed with working with talented individuals to help you become THE BEST version of yourself.

I will help you to create space for exploration and discovery, starting with the end in mind by helping you define what your desired destination is.  Once we both understand what this is, we can work out how to get you there.  Together.

I didn’t follow a traditional education path.  I hated school and only discovered my passion for learning when I discovered my learning style as part of a training programme.  From this I moved to managing development programmes, working with SMEs and individuals to access learning opportunities through publicly funded projects.  I became a trainer, a learning & development specialist, an organisational development specialist and a coach.  I gained qualifications in human resources, coaching and change management.  I am accredited through the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC).  My proudest education moment was achieving a Masters in Managing Innovation and Change at Oxford Brookes University.

While I have a number of specialist areas (HR, strategy, organisational development/design, project management, learning & development) my passion lies in supporting you to develop the knowledge, skills and experience you need for whatever lies ahead.

Lucy Myers

Lucy is an Integrative Psychotherapist qualified to Master’s degree level, and certified Executive Coach, Coaching Supervisor, and Systemic Team Coach. With a strong business background of senior management and leadership experience, Lucy is experienced in delivering coaching with individuals and high performing teams within organisational environments and in private practice with small business owners.  As Chair of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy’s Coaching Division, Lucy leads the strategic purpose to demonstrate the value of therapeutic coaching, and as a Coaching Supervisor supports coaches to develop high levels of professional practice.

Lucy’s solutions-focussed approach to working with therapeutic coaching clients is underpinned by the psychotherapeutic principles of enhancing self-awareness and self-acceptance to enable new perspectives to be explored, and proactive, authentic and sustainable change to be achieved. With a warm, energetic and compassionate way of being, Lucy draws on a wide toolkit to tailor her approach to the unique needs and goals of each client, integrating  humanistic, psychodynamic, and CBT ways of working into her practice as required.

Her creative and collaborative approach helps clients understand their cognitive and emotional responses in the here-and-now, clarify their strengths, and identify previously unconscious unhelpful narratives. Clients experience enhanced resilience and performance in the short-term, and are supported to develop helpful techniques and coping mechanisms to ensure coaching goals and longer-term sustainable change can be achieved.

Joanne Wright

Joanne Wright FLPI, MBACP, MAC specialises in supporting leaders and small business owners to resolve those stressful situations that are keeping them awake at night. She helps them to find a path through the chaos and feel more confident about the decisions they need to take. She has a kind, positive, approach which helps clients feel better about the future and supports them to find the answers to the most difficult of situations. Clients find her very insightful, and say they always feel calmer and more positive after their coaching sessions with her.

Joanne has 25 years experience of supporting organisations and individuals with complex change and situations that maybe causing stress and burnout. She combines her unique set of skills to best support you with the challenges you are currently facing.  She is a very experienced coach, counsellor and personal and team development specialist, a Fellow member of the Learning and Performance Institute, a registered member of the Association for Coaching and British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. She also works as an Associate for a leadership development company and sits on the BACP Coaching Divisions executive committee to promote the benefit of using appropriate therapeutic techniques to support development and performance in the workplace.

Get in touch to start to feel a little lighter and share and resolve those complex problems you are facing.

Nishe Patel

As an Integrative Coach, Nishe brings a wealth of experience and technical insight to the trusted partnerships she builds with her clients.  With over 10 years’ experience in human resources with a focus on supporting high potential colleagues, Nishe worked across a variety of sectors with companies such as London Stock Exchange Group, Barclaycard, PA Consulting, Cushman & Wakefield, Dentsu Aegis Network, and TJX Europe.

Having completed her coaching diploma in 2016, Nishe went on to train as an Integrative Hypnotherapist, EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, NLP Trainer, and Coach Supervisor.  Now, she works as an associate coach for several organisations, and has her own private practice that focuses on supporting individuals to navigate the demands of modern life by creating connections that spark ideas, enhance confidence, and build engaging relationships.

Creating a true partnership is central to Nishe’s coaching approach. You can expect a whole lot of kindness and encouragement to meet your challenges head on.  Together you’ll explore your experience to gain more insight, and Nishe will ask the big questions to inspire the change you want.  She’ll employ a range of tools, techniques, and psychological schools of thought to create a tailored approach for you.  She’ll also support you to work at a pace that’s right for you, celebrating your successes along the way.

Credentials & Qualifications

  • ICF PCC Credentialed Coach
  • ICF and AC accredited Diploma in Transformational Coaching
  • ICF and EMCC accredited Diploma in Coaching Supervision
  • Master Diploma in Person-Centred NLP & Integrative Hypnotherapy

Amanda Curtin

Amanda is a therapeutic coach with a wealth of experience working with UK based and international clients to offer a holistic gentle listening approach to support clients reach their individual and workplace/business goals.

Amanda has worked in both the corporate sector and not for profit world. Areas of expertise are: innovation, efficiency, team development, mental health and safeguarding. Incorporating the values of being person centred and to offer a unique service to the individual working from a collaborative, strengths-based approach, assisting and supporting clients to be the author of their own lives.

Amanda holds a Masters degree in counselling and psychology with additional coaching qualifications specialising in solution-focussed therapy.

Ensuring flexibility Amanda meets her clients where they are at therapeutically and provides a safe and accepting environment to help each individual feel secure throughout the process.  Amanda has experience working with coexisting anxiety and depression.  She believes in utilising multiple supports while exploring executive functioning strengths and weaknesses and how they impact her client’s life.

Emily Maguire

As a Career Consultant, I enjoy working with people of all ages and helping them achieve their career goals and lead more fulfilling lives and successful careers. As a coach, I will not judge but listen, remain impartial and create a safe environment to help you find a brighter, more self-empowered future. From our exploration on the discovery call, I tailor the sessions to meet your individual needs.

​My training includes a Postgraduate Diploma in Career Development, a Psychology Degree, an ILM Level 5 in Professional Coaching and Mentoring, a Life Coaching Diploma and I am a Mental Health First Aider. I also have 20+ years of business management and mentoring experience and 12 years of experience as a Talent Agent as the Managing Director of the international company Reflections Talent Agency.

I help my clients maintain mental resilience by acting as a soundboard, offering them support and guidance through any transitions they encounter. My extensive training and business background enables me to help many people, including working with clients helping them to establish their brand through social media and marketing materials and creating a digital presence. Help them find ways to re-energise and balance the demands of a busy business.

I also work with clients to build their self-confidence and self-esteem, help them develop better decision-making and leadership skills and help them learn how to utilise their strengths. As a teacher, I role-play basic coaching techniques with clients, which they use to improve communication with employees and customers.

Jane Brendgen

I have had the privilege of working as an executive and therapeutic coach for over 20 years and have coached individuals from board level through to graduate trainee in numerous different sectors.

My extensive coaching experience of +3500 hours has revealed that self-awareness and well-being are essential factors in realising important work and life goals. The conversations with my clients therefore nearly always live at the convergence between personal and professional growth: coaching becomes a whole person learning process where cognitive, emotional, behaviour and relational aspects are included. Mindfulness is integral to my coaching approach.  This supports my clients to slow down and access a new way of thinking where calm, clarity and creativity lie.

As a small business owner, I am familiar with the challenges and stress associated with this set of responsibilities. Through many years of personal experience, I have developed a deep understanding as to how to build and maintain mental fitness and emotional resilience and am glad my clients benefit from this.

I am a certified coach with the Coaching Academy, a full member of The Association of Coaching, hold an MSc in Mindfulness, a Diploma in Stress Management and additional certificates in a number of psychotherapeutic approaches. In 2021 I co-authored a book for Routledge which explores the transformational impact that a relational coaching approach can have on the client’s development, leading to insights and break-throughs in their thinking and acting.

Nicky Torode

I am an entrepreneurial mindset coach and a facilitator of journaling for wellbeing and success.
I have been a coach for over 14 years, working with entrepreneurs, including social entrepreneurs, from the tech, creative and education industries. Clients have worked on a range of goals from refining their purpose, launching a new service, building confidence to network and give presentations, to managing feelings of self-doubt and overwhelm.

I also coach intrapreneurs become compassionate leaders with presence, harness emotional intelligence and find a work/life balance. I have a corporate and executive coaching diploma from The Coaching Academy, am a member of the Association for Coaching, have an MSc in therapeutic writing and a Level 3 in Counselling Skills.

I have also been a facilitator journaling for wellbeing and success for 7 years which helps professionals generate ideas, gain clarity and manage emotions. Along the years, I founded a human rights organisation, a social enterprise and my business of one! I also worked in the third sector as an organisational capacity builder and trainer. I lived abroad for 10 years.

I am a calm and relaxed coach, grounded and creative, forever curious and heartened by people striking out on business adventures.

Yvonne Inglis

With over 30 years’ of corporate experience within the Financial Services industry, Yvonne blends qualifications in counselling, mentoring and coaching with a sharp commercial acumen to leverage personal development in the delivery of individual and business objectives.

Yvonne delivers coaching solutions that allow for a deep understanding and trust to evolve, helping to effectively elevate individual and collective business performance by designing and implementing training that fosters confidence and empowers ambition.

As a dual practitioner Yvonne is Accredited at Senior Practitioner Level with the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and an Accredited Psychotherapist with the British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy. She is also ILM Level 7 qualified in Coaching & Mentoring. Yvonne has delivered 1,000 + hours of coaching to C-Suite executives globally from many industries and sectors on topics such as Leadership Development and Career Transition.

She is an expert in Thomas International profiling and is a member of the BACP Coaching Executive. Yvonne believes we all have the power to live the lives we want but we all need the time, space and accountability to figure out our unique path!

Trish Kill

What do I do? I am an executive coach and leadership mentor who draws on over thirty years of working practically with organisations and start-ups, planning for change, promoting creativity and innovation, making structural decisions, or providing mental health services in the workplace.

How do I do it? I use coaching and therapy tools integrated with well-established psychological techniques to identify realistic goals and build effective routes to their fulfilment. I place warmth, empathy, and gentle humour at the centre of my coaching process, yet I can hold my clients ‘feet to the fire’ whilst they make their choices and take action to meet their goals. I ensure we celebrate success and build a collaborative approach that embeds new learning into the sponsoring organisation.

What are my areas of specialism?

  • Wellbeing and therapeutic coaching.
  • Stress and anxiety in the workplace
  • leadership development during uncertainty
  • Building high-performing teams by understanding the leader-follower relationship
  • Planning for changes in culture, products, systems and processes.
  • Internal coaching and mentoring
  • Manager as coach

My qualifications include MSc. Innovation, Creativity and Leadership (City Uni), Accredited Advanced Diploma in Coaching, Association for Coaching Accredited. Adv Diploma in Transactional Analysis.

Who have I worked with? I have worked with print and digital media organisations, retail and business banking, corporate membership and manufacturing sectors, digital start-ups, family firms, charities and individuals making life transitions and value working with people who embrace this concept and want to address workplace stress and anxiety.

Ruth Haslett

Hi, I’m Ruth.

Do you ever find yourself stuck in difficult emotions such as anxiety, stress and self-doubt?

Would you like to feel more confident in your ability to manage your emotions and cope at difficult times?

As a coach, I focus on helping clients find freedom from overwhelming feelings such as anxiety, stress, fear and self-doubt.

I’ll support you to step out of your well-worn habits and behavioural patterns, challenge limiting beliefs about yourself, and understand your emotions more deeply. Together we’ll create a space that feels safe for you, and that allows you to find more balance plus the tools to create a life that feels more aligned to your values, and your vision for your future. I believe that you already have the answers and that my role is to support you to clarity and action.

My own journey has been one of experiencing multiple ‘burnouts’ but feeling anxious about change and being judged by others and struggling to manage those uncomfortable emotions. I’ve slowed down and reconfigured my life to one that feels healthier both mentally and physically for me. I do a lot of this work with clients too.

I’m committed to my work as I truly believe that supporting human beings to live happier, more fulfilled and emotionally aware lives results in a society that is healthier, more connected and functioning at its best.

I’m looking forward to working with you!

Sarah Thayer

As a business owner/leader do you sometimes experience:

  • lack of focus, motivation or apathy about your vision and goals?
  • the inner-critic or saboteur in you taking over?
  • overworking, becoming exhausted, then underworking?
  • procrastination, worry or fear?
  • struggle in the areas of self care or work-life balance?
  • being visible in business?
  • having lots of ideas, but uncertainty about priorities?

You are not alone!

As an EMCC accredited Transformational Coach and BACP Registered Counsellor, business
owner and previous Human Resources professional in both corporate and public sectors and
with 20+ years working with people and transformative change, I fully appreciate the daily
struggles that come with being a leader, a business owner – or sometimes – just being a human!
Therapeutic coaching will enable you to gain clarity on your life’s vision, set – or re-visit –
meaningful goals and intentions and find authentic, workable solutions that work well for you
in your life and business.

Therapeutic coaching provides a rich space to support you in releasing unhelpful patterns of
thinking, feeling and behaving to create a happier, healthier and more productive business and

I continue to engage in coaching, have experienced approximately 10 years of my own personal
therapy (Jungian, Integrative, Psychodynamic) and have regular and ongoing coaching and
counselling supervision to support my work. I am registered with the ICO and all my work is fully insured.

If you’re ready for change, but don’t know where to start, you’re in the right place.