In partnership with Lloyds Banking Group, in 2017 we created a series of online training to increase awareness of mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. We developed e-learning modules which would enable mental health information to be available to all staff and to support managers in feeling confident having conversations with staff and customers about mental health.

Lloyds Banking Groups’ mental health and wellbeing strategy is based on the ethos that mental health is about everyone.

Everyone has mental health and we all contribute towards the environments we work within. They wanted to equip all colleagues with the knowledge and understanding to reduce stigma and empower wellbeing.

The outcome

Together with Lloyds Banking Group we created 5 e-learning modules, two of which were specific to managers. The objectives included giving colleagues the confidence and ability to be flexible in their approach when working with customers with a mental health condition. The e-learning provides better understanding of how mental health can impact someone’s ability to manage money. As well as how to tackle unconscious bias, feel confident to treat people appropriately, confidently signposting to additional support, crisis situations and self-care.

  • Mental Health Awareness

  • Promoting Mental Health

  • Wellbeing Awareness

  • Promoting Wellbeing

  • Mental Health: Supporting Our Customers

Since its launch, the training has been completed by more than 33,000 colleagues and has been well received internally.

As a result, colleagues have asked to learn more about the topic and how to champion best practice within their teams and wider business areas. From this, we developed further learning through the Mental Health Advocates programme. This programme supports Lloyds Banking Group in creating a culture where mental health and physical health are given equal priority.


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