Mental health advocates

As part of our partnership with Lloyds Banking Group we have worked with them to create cultural and behavioural change within their business. In 2018, a new training programme pilot of Mental Health Advocates was designed to create a network of colleagues dedicated to transforming the Group’s culture to mental health and wellbeing. Following the success of the pilot, Lloyds Banking Group have committed to training 2500 colleagues to become Mental Health Advocates by 2020.

Lloyds Banking Group aim to break down barriers and create an open environment where all colleagues have the tools to seek appropriate sources of information.

They are dedicated to developing inclusivity and openness about mental health. The programme has also been made a key deliverable of their three-year mental health strategy.

The outcome 

We created the bespoke training programme using our expertise to help answer the needs of their business. The training, delivered by Mental Health UK, will look at the main issues affecting colleagues and equipping them with the skills and knowledge to protect their mental health.

The role of an Advocate will be to drive cultural change and remove stigma through encouraging open conversation among colleagues. Lloyds Banking Group colleagues are empowered and supported by Mental Health UK to champion culture change.

The scheme aims to help prevent long-term mental health challenges, promote health and wellbeing initiatives, develop practical resources to provide the skills needed for staying mentally healthy and will be delivered via a series of workshops and “Lunch & Learn” sessions. Advocates will have access to digital and online learning, also available to all Lloyds Banking Group colleagues.

The role of an advocate:

  • Promote mental health awareness and stigma reducing information

  • A role model for colleagues

  • Provide mental health information and routes to support

  • Does not to provide one-to-one support for vulnerable colleagues

Rachel Rowe, Insurance & Wealth:

"The best thing about Mental Health Advocates is being able to have a platform from which I can help people - through signposting where needed to raising awareness of issues. One of my proudest moments was when I was able to work alongside Family Matters to do a piece on Teenage Depression & anxiety"

Karl Holloway, Community Banking:

"I have run several Mental Health awareness and reducing stigma sessions for both colleagues and line managers, providing awareness of the impact of Mental Health across not just the group but the UK. Within this I have been providing signposting to some of the amazing partnerships including our EAP."

Carly Welsh, Community Banking:

"The best thing about being a Mental Health Advocate is being able to help others from a place of experience, knowledge and understanding. Standing strong and proud and helping to remove shame"

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