World Mental Health Day

Join us on Monday 10th October and make mental health and wellbeing your number one priority this World Mental Health Day (WMHD).

The World Federation for Mental Health has set the theme: ‘make mental health and wellbeing for all a global priority.’

This is an important day for Mental Health UK as we strive to ensure that everyone has the tools to live their best life. We hope that everyone will join in and share our ‘Number 1’ campaign. We want everyone to think about how they can look after ‘number one’ when it comes to mental health.

So ask yourself ……

With everything that is happening around us, it can be easy to feel powerless, but there are aspects of our life we can manage and control. We want to encourage everyone to embrace what is in their power to start doing, stop doing or change – something which will support your mental health.

Circle of Control

When thinking about aspects of your life that you can make a priority – you might find it helpful to visualise the ‘circle of control’. What aspects of your life can you make a priority? What brings meaning and comfort in your life – are they within your control? You are sure to find something that within your circle of control that can bring about a positive impact on your mental health.

You can make it Number One

We would like to encourage everyone to share Mental Health UK's #NumberOne campaign for World Mental Health Day.

Whether you are an individual, family, school, workplace or community group - you can ensure that mental health is a number one priority.

Fundraise and raise awareness

By fundraising for us, you are not only raising vital funds – you are spreading the message that mental health is a number one priority.

Anyone can be a fundraiser! You can find lots of support on our website:

Connect with others

Share how you are making your mental health a priority on our online community – Clic.

Clic continues to help thousands of people connect with one another for mutual support.

Join this thriving community and access mental health resources – as well as a mood tracker to help you identify, understand and manage your moods.

Workplace Power Hour

Organise a ‘Power Hour’ activity on Monday 10 October to engage colleagues with the topic of putting their mental health first. In that hour you could deliver a positive mental health activity, host a Walk & Talk, organise a Big Mental Health Get Together fundraiser, or a Lunch & Learn moment.

Mental Health UK are here to work with you on making mental health a number one priority in your workplace.

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