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Mental Health UK works across England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland to improve the lives of people with mental illness, and to support carers. Together our four founding member organisations, Rethink Mental Illness, Support In Mind Scotland, Hafal, and MindWise have worked for over 40 years to provide services, information, and advice to support anyone affected by mental illness.

We run over 400 services and 200 volunteer support groups in communities around the UK. Over 90,000 people rely on our organisations every year to help them get through crises, live independently and realise they are not alone. Last year our health information was accessed online over 3.6 million times.

Despite the size of these figures, we know many more people need our help. Please support us and help us lead a movement to build understanding and help people to be less scared to speak up about their mental health.

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Mental illness affects more people every year than cancer or heart disease. One in four of us in the UK will be affected by a mental health problem in any given year. Severe mental illness can affect anyone, although it often emerges during adolescence or in your early 20s.

Living with a mental health condition can affect many aspects of your daily life, from your physical health to your home, your work and managing money. The impact of poor mental health can be reduced if you benefit from early intervention and support. But it's still the case that you're more likely to receive the urgent support you need if you have broken your leg than if you experience a crisis because of a mental health problem.

By supporting Mental Health UK, you can help us change this.

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