Working with us

A charity partnership with Mental Health UK means continued support and growth of our services, improving the lives of thousands of people affected by mental health problems. For our partners, it means the chance to learn more about their own mental health, make a real impact and drive staff loyalty.

Why Mental Health UK

  • Free resources

    Download a range of resources from our website to help build mental health awareness in your workplace and start conversations about mental health.

  • Workplace training

    We provide training, information and guidance on mental health in the workplace for your staff, helping to build an open atmosphere.

  • Step by Step

    Receive support to plan your own walking and talking Step by Step event, fundraising for Mental Health UK.

  • Mental health campaigns

    Receive new resources to use for Mental Health Awareness Week and World Mental Health Day. We can also help to plan your own campaigns.

  • Places in sporting events

    Our partners receive access to places in sporting events including the London to Brighton cycle and Great Scottish Run.

  • Payroll giving

    Staff can easily sign up to give donations through their salary. We can support your business in setting up payroll giving.

  • Fundraising support

    Our partnerships team are always on hand to support your fundraising plans. We can provide collection tins and some contactless card readers for your offices or events.

  • Real-life impact

    We provide personal stories and regular reports so that you can see the impact your business is having on real people across the nation.

Partner with us

Our partnerships team are on hand to help you through your journey. Call 0207 840 3008 or email [email protected] today.

Why we're the perfect partners

Personal support

Our helpful and knowledgeable account managers are always available to support your fundraising activity.

Engaging staff

Fundraising events are fantastic for team building, and all for a worthwhile cause. Get in touch with our team to find out more.


Staff can offer their time to help our cause and develop their skills. Over 14,000 volunteering hours were logged in 1 year from Lloyds Banking Group.

Being involved in the Walk the Talk trek along the Great Wall of China was my highlight of 2018. Hearing stories from others who are affected by mental illness and visiting some of the services provided by Mental Health UK really brought home the difference that the money we all raise makes to people who really need it.

Jody Lewis
Lloyds Banking Group

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