Advice for parents and guardians

Our resource library contains tools to help you confidently engage in conversations about mental health, emotional wellbeing and resilience with the young people in your life.

Videos to share with young people

Watch our series of animated videos based on the content of our young people’s programme. Each video focuses on a topic that young people have told us is important to them and support building their resilience through suggested tools and techniques.

Watch videos

Conversation guides

Having discussions with young people about mental health

Conversation Guide: Talking to young people about mental health

Conversation Guide: Talking to your friend about mental health

Parents and Carers Guide: How to support young people anxious about money

Having discussions with other parents and carers about young people’s mental health

Using this guide, presentation and open letter will allow you to discuss your own knowledge and experience with others and share what works for you. This can be done online and in person

Guide for having discussions with other parents and carers

For someone with caring responsibilities for a young person, the idea of discussing emotional wellbeing can be difficult. But don’t be alarmed, this guide will help.

Presentation for having discussions with other parents and carers

Use this presentation to support the discussion guide when talking with other parents and carers.

An open letter from a parent

This letter is from a parent detailing their experience in dealing with a difficult time their child went through. It highlights the importance of having conversations and explains what to do if you are concerned about a young person in your life.

Resources to support young people

Mental Health UK have created resources you can share with the young people in your life to help them explore, understand and manage how they’re feeling post-pandemic.

Dealing with uncertainty

Disappointment is natural, but do you feel completely overwhelmed or ‘out of control’ when plans change unexpectedly? Being clear on what is inside and outside our control can help uncover resilience allowing us to adapt, rebuild, recover and recognise that we can also change and develop over time.

Building deeper relationships

After spending more time with the people in your home this year, and dealing with many changes to ‘normality’ we know it can feel pressured and easy to get angry with one another. This time can also be an opportunity to work on our relationships with those we live with.

About the resource library

The resources in this library have been developed using content from Bloom, Mental Health UK’s young people’s resilience programme.

It’s thanks to the fundraising efforts of colleagues across Lloyds Banking Group that has allowed us to develop Bloom. Their dedicated support has enabled the delivery of this essential programme, building young people’s mental health resilience across the UK and now empowering young people, parents, and carers closer to home.