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Whether you’re living with a mental health condition or supporting somebody who is, it’s crucial to have access to up-to-date information. Choose an option below to find out more about different mental health conditions or find where to get help.

Your mental health matters

We all have mental health, and learning more about to how to look after our mental health should be an equal priority to looking after our physical health. Working nationwide, Mental Health UK offers a range of support, services, and tools to support people. Find out more about what support services are available to help you, or someone you care about.

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Your donation will make the difference

£10 could allow 25 people to access the Mental Health & Money Advice website to help them improve their financial and mental health.

£25 could help us answer a few calls to our advice and information line, supporting someone in need of mental health support.

£50 could enable five young people to take part in our 8-week programme, giving them the tools they will need to manage their own mental health.

£75 could provide a listening ear and friendly chat for three people in the community who needs support with their mental health.

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£3 a month could help us promote an online support group on Clic, connecting people who may be feeling isolated or experiencing a mental health crisis for the first time.

£5 a month could provide materials for art therapy sessions, helping people relax and build new friendships.

£7 a month could help a specialist advisor offer tailored advice, information and support to someone for their mental health and money problems.

£10 a month could help 2 people be part of a peer support group for a year, offering them acceptance and reassurance

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Downloadable resources

Download our mental health information guide

Our ‘How does it really feel on the inside?’ guide provides facts about common mental health conditions as well as practical self-help tips and advice on how to speak to your doctor.

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Interactive website

How much do you know about mental health?

Mental health issues are more common than you might think. In fact, poor mental health affects more people every year than cancer or heart disease. Despite these high statistics, there still remains a huge stigma around the subject.

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Online community


Clic is an online community here for everyone’s mental health. We believe that no one need be lonely or isolated. Through Clic we are here for you, around the clock. Clic offers online resources and a safe environment for people to chat peer to peer online so that more people across the UK can connect and thrive.

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