Your Resilience

Your Resilience is a free UK-wide programme that supports young people’s mental health resilience. It is focused on building resilience through life’s transitions in 14–18 year olds, equipping them with the tools and resources to manage their mental health now and in the future.

The programme is delivered in a range of settings:

  • Sport’s talent pathways
  • Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)
  • Community settings for young people

Supporting young people's
mental health

At Mental Health UK, we know there is a growing need for support for young people, with most long-term mental health problems beginning in adolescence: 75% of mental illnesses start before a person’s 18th birthday.

Evidence shows that providing good, early preventative support in the right place at the right time can help to avoid deterioration in young people’s mental health, and equip them for the challenges of everyday life.

That’s why we created Your Resilience – one of the largest UK-wide programmes for 14-18 year olds which focuses on supporting young people’s mental health resilience.

The programme

Your Resilience offers a refreshing perspective on resilience. Designed with input from young people, it supports an open conversation about what resilience is and what is required to build it.

Delivered through scenario-based discussion and relatable topics, such as ‘Managing Injuries’ and ‘Low Mood and Depression’, Your Resilience will leave young people with a better understanding of mental health in themselves and others. They will also possess a suite of tools they can deploy in ways which are right for their own mental health both now and in the future.

Key to Your Resilience is supporting facilitators who work with young people by building their confidence to discuss a range of topics with them.

How we work

Your Resilience workshops

Free face-to-face workshops, courses and training in
schools available in each nation of the UK.

Your Resilience leaves a legacy

Our commitment to legacy – ongoing support for
participating community based settings, CAMHS and sport pathways.

Topics we cover

What is Resilience?

Exam stress

Making decisions about the future

Social pressures

Managing studies


Juggling time

Managing selection & deselection

Managing injuries


Low mood & depression

Your Resilience's impact

1,841 young people provided with help to build their knowledge and tools to become resilient

“It was great to learn helpful things in a
comfortable and
friendly environment with my
teammates where we could share individual
ideas and personal topics.”

– North East Netball U19 Player 

197 professionals trained, encouraging a culture of open conversations about mental health

“Lesson plans were clear and easy to use. The videos and group activities helped to hold the groups attention and encouraged them to engage and answer questions.”

– NI Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service

Meet Your Resilience Coordinator

Leah Kennedy

As a former professional netball player, I have lived experience of the highs and lows of playing my sport at the highest level. Transitioning out of professional sport, I experienced working with young people in various education and community settings which developed my desire to support their mental health and wellbeing. Working as a netball coach within performance pathway also engaged my passion further. I feel privileged to be able to ensure Your Resilience can reach as many young people as possible who need this support.