Programme options

We offer a range of options to suit the needs of organisations who are looking for extra mental health support for their young people. Our full co-delivery programme and Your Resilience lite workshops can either be delivered face to face or virtually.

Co-delivered Full Programme

In-depth training, offering young people the best experience and giving professionals dedicated support in delivering Your Resilience to young people.


  • Location: onsite within your establishment across the UK
  • Topics: covers all topics within Your Resilience programme
  • Duration: delivery can be flexible to suit your needs.
  • Overview: a 3 hour facilitator training session held in the first week for 3-5 designated staff, 2nd-7th weeks there are one hour workshops for young people, co-delivered by staff alongside our expert Training Associates.

Your Resilience lite Workshops

Our Training Associates deliver a one-off Your Resilience workshop directly to young people in your organisation.


  • Location: onsite within organisation’s setting across the UK
  • Topics: choose one or multiple topics from the full Your Resilience programme
  • Duration: one single 1 hour workshop
  • Overview: Your Resilience lite acts as a snapshot of the full co-delivery programme. This is suitable for groups who would like to have one or multiple one-off workshops.

Facilitator Training

A 3-hour workshop providing your organisation’s staff with the knowledge, tools and confidence to support your young people’s mental health and deliver the programme in your organisation.

After the training, we will supply you with Your Resilience resources  (full colour Facilitator Guidebooks, Young People’s Workbooks and slide decks) so that you can continue facilitating our workshops in future.