“My overriding emotion about my Borderline Personality Disorder diagnosis was relief.” – Claire’s story

16th May 2024

Claire had always struggled with poor mental health, but it wasn’t until she was in her late 30s that she was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). She tells us how receiving a diagnosis came as a huge relief and enabled her to learn more about her mental health and receive appropriate treatment such as psychotherapy and medication.

Benefits and barriers to movement

12th May 2024

We often hear that exercise is beneficial for our mental health, but exercise isn’t always easy. For this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week (13 – 19 May 2024) we wanted to not only explore the numerous benefits of physical activity but to also understand the barriers that can be encountered.

Tyler shares how accessibility is the main barrier to movement

12th May 2024

The theme for this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week is movement. Whilst there are significant benefits to movement, both physically and mentally, there can be numerous barriers to overcome which relate to where we live, financial circumstances, other commitments, and accessibility to name a few. Below Tyler shares with us how important physical activity is in his life and the barriers he has had to overcome in order to continue doing what he loves.

Knitting has been a game-changer for my mental health

10th May 2024

For this year’s Mental Health Awareness Week (13 – 19 May 2024) we wanted to challenge the perception of exercise. Whilst there is no doubt that movement is beneficial for both body and mind, it doesn’t have to be in a traditional or stereotypical form. Dan Soar, known as the Tattooed Knitter, has set the world record for the most blankets arm knitted in 24 hours, in a challenge watched by 1.2 million people.

Young People’s Programmes Impact Report 2022-2023

7th May 2024

One in six children aged 5 to 16 were identified as having a mental health problem in 2021, a significant increase from one in nine in 2017. Never has the need to support young people’s mental health been greater, and we know that early preventative support using upstream approaches like building resilience can have a positive impact.

Mental Health UK responds to Prime Minister’s speech on welfare

23rd April 2024

On Friday 19th April, Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak made a speech on welfare announcing the need for reforms. Specifically honing in on the need to tackle unemployment and getting people back into work.

“Incredible changes can take place when we have the confidence to share personal experiences.” – Cindy’s story

16th April 2024

After finding a series of losses and grief was impacting her mental health, causing anxiety, low mood, and a reliance on alcohol, Cindy talks to us about how she found respite in podcasts to learn the importance of self-care and talking to others about how we’re feeling. 

Mental Health UK welcomes Olympian Michelle Griffith-Robinson as new trustee

12th April 2024

We are proud to announce that Olympic athlete, Michelle Griffith-Robinson has joined our board of trustees at Mental Health UK.

A day one right to flexible working is coming, here’s what you need to know

27th March 2024

Flexible working has been in place for over 20 years with various rights being extended granting further inclusivity. On 6th April, the biggest change is imminent, whereby the employees’ right to request flexible working no longer must be earned, it’s present from day one.

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