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“My Bipolar Disorder diagnosis means I am able to accept my illness and build a life around it.” – Jay’s story

26th March 2024

Jay, 47, was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder amongst other diagnosis including a Personality Disorder, in his thirties. For World Bipolar Day, he speaks to us about how his diagnosis allowed him to not only access medication to make daily life functional, but also meant he was emotionally able to accept his illness and build a positive life around it.

How movement healed my relationship with my body and mind

20th December 2023

With January upon us, many of us look to make New Year’s Resolutions and changes to our lives in the hopes of reaping the rewards. Whilst it can be great for our wellbeing to set goals, some of us might find resolutions surrounding diet and exercise damaging to our mental health. Tierney talks us through how she used the power of movement to positively impact her mood and dissociated the concept of exercising purely to change your body or look a certain way.

Bullying at any age can leave deep emotional scars

14th November 2023

When we hear the term ‘bullying’ we might initially think of children or young people. Bullying can affect anyone at any age, and bullying in adolescence can continue to affect someone into adulthood. We hear from Alexander about his experience with bullying.

“It can be hard to seek help, but you will find a bright light.” – Wayne’s experience getting support.

27th September 2023

It can feel daunting reaching out for support when we’re struggling, and we might not know what help is available. We spoke to Wayne about how he accessed mental health support and how he tried different options until he found something that he felt empowered him and provided him with techniques that he still uses to this day.

Opening up about mental health as a young man: Lewis’ experience

27th July 2023

Men are three times more likely to die by suicide than women, yet many men feel they can’t talk to other people about how they are feeling. We spoke to Lewis about why he feels young men might struggle to open up, and how it was a men’s talking group that supported him when he was at his lowest.

Summer body image and self-harm

28th June 2023

Summer is typically a time for looser, more revealing clothing, but for someone who struggles with their body image — the way they think and feel about their appearance — summer may be a difficult time. For people who self-harm or who have scars from self-harm, it can be even more distressing.

Darren’s experience with self-harm

26th June 2023

Self-harm is the intentional act of harming or injuring our body. Anyone of any age or background can experience the urge to self-injure, and it is often related to experiencing other mental health conditions. Darren spoke to us about his experience with self-harm, and how he copes with the scars on his body.

Common anxieties in the workplace and how to manage them

17th May 2023

Anxiety and stress at work are sharply on the rise, and worryingly only a quarter of workplaces are estimated to actually have plans in place to support people should they experience chronic stress. What are the common themes at work that people find anxiety inducing? Tackling these could reduce chances of chronic stress or burnout. We’ve broken down common workplace anxieties and what you can do to support people experiencing them.

My experience with anxiety and PTSD from suicide bereavement

16th May 2023

My name is Damien and I’ve been working with ISG as a Design Manager for 2.5 years. I have experienced post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and anxiety for several years now, and I manage my symptoms both through personal methods and also thanks to the support I received from my workplace, which I originally didn’t know existed.

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