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My fundraising experience trekking in the Sahara

4th April 2023

Katie left for Africa at the end of March with a clear target in mind – to spend four days trekking in one of the world’s harshest environments, the Sahara desert, to raise money for Mental Health UK. Katie shared with us the highs and lows of her incredible journey and how it both empowered and challenged her mentally.

How fundraising helped me to feel understood and connected

28th October 2022

We’ve often heard the phrase ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’ but who exactly do we reach out to? Sometimes it can feel easier connecting with people who don’t know us than it does with our own friends and family. Kiran recently participated in our fundraising event GLOW, a 20km night walk through London, where everyone is free to share their mental health experiences in a safe place. She tells us how she never felt judged and simply felt compassion and understanding from the people around her.

The power of music – Chris’ fundraising story

12th October 2022

Since returning after a 10-year hiatus, the band Doves planned a grand UK tour to take place in 2022, only to announce some time later that all dates would be cancelled due to lead signer Jimi Goodwin experiencing poor mental health. Keen music fan Chris Kelly, struck by Jimi’s story of honesty and full with compassion, decided to fundraise for Mental Health UK by releasing cover songs of some of the band’s well-loved singles.

Putting my mental health first made me stronger

7th October 2022

Fundraiser, Luke Hamer tells us why putting his mental health first made him stronger – as part of our World Mental Health Day campaign encouraging people to make their mental health a priority.

Climbing the Yorkshire Three Peaks, Kenzie’s fundraising story

21st April 2022

Last year, Kenzie and her family took on the challenge of climbing the Yorkshire Three Peaks to raise money for Mental Health UK. Kenzie sadly lost her mum to suicide, and was keen to raise awareness around mental health and tackle a challenge to push her own mental strength.

Mental resilience while running the length of Britain

11th April 2022

Ben Banaghan is running the equivalent of 2 marathons a day for 18 days in support of Mental Health UK and Join Our Boys Trust. Gearing up to take on the mammoth challenge, Ben spoke to us about how he plans to stay mentally fit, as well as physically before the event starts this September.

Thank you for taking part in Glow!

10th October 2021


11th June 2020

Did you know that you can help to support Mental Health UK while shopping on Amazon? Find out how AmazonSmile works.

Running and anxiety: How taking part in the Great Scottish Run helped my recovery

10th January 2020

Gill took part in the Great Scottish Run 10k for Mental Health UK in 2019 raising over £800 to help people affected by mental health problems. She told us why she got involved, as well as why this race was so important to her and her recovery.

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