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“Learning for Life” with Bloom – supporting Alternative Provision students to flourish

31st August 2022

There is a great need to support the mental health of children and young people in alternative provision education. A 2018 report from the House of Commons Education Committee (Forgotten children: alternative provision and the scandal of ever-increasing exclusions) found that an estimated one in two pupils in Alternative Provision schools have social, emotional and mental health as their primary category of Special Educational Need, as opposed to 1 in 50 in the general population.

Bloom – Making strides to reach young people near and far!

24th August 2022

Scotland’s land mass is classified as 98% rural with circa 1 million people living there. National Charity, Change Mental Health, emphasise the need to support people with their mental health no matter where they live in Scotland.

Beyond Bricks – Supporting children’s mental health

10th August 2022

Beyond Bricks was launched by our founding partner in Northern Ireland, MindWise in January 2022 and was made possible thanks to fundraising by colleagues at Lloyds Banking Group. We spoke to Children and Young People Programmes Coordinator, Amy, from MindWise about the brilliant work she’s been doing to make Beyond Bricks happen.

Your Resilience: supporting young women on a professional football pathway

6th July 2022

Your Resilience is Mental Health UK’s education programme that supports 14-18 -year-olds to develop the tools and knowledge on managing their own mental health through life’s transitions, both now and in the future.

Young workers twice as likely to feel lonely at work

10th May 2022

New research by Mental Health UK explores British workers’ experiences of loneliness in the workplace and how it can impact on our mental health.

Working with SC Johnson to support our children’s mental health, as well as our own

7th February 2022

With 75% of mental illnesses starting before a person’s 18th birthday, evidence shows that providing good, early preventative support in the right place at the right time can help to avoid young people’s mental health deteriorating.

Growing together to support children’s mental health

4th February 2022

Children’s Mental Health Week is taking place between the 7-13 February and the theme this year is growing together. As we move through the week, we ask you to set time aside with the young people in your life to think about how they have grown – what skills they have developed, what personal qualities they most admire in themselves and others, and what goals they would like to set themselves for the year ahead.

Why Bloom can make a difference to young people in Greater Manchester and beyond

3rd November 2021

Lauren Quigley is Bloom Engagement Officer working in the North of England. She is responsible for engaging schools and colleges in her region to participate in Bloom, a programme which gives students aged 14-18 the tools they need to build their resilience and better protect their mental health. Here Lauren talks about her own mental health challenges and why Bloom can make a real difference to young people in Greater Manchester and beyond.

Moulton College rolls out Bloom for positive mental wellbeing

3rd September 2021

From this September onwards, Moulton College in Northampton will be rolling out Bloom, Mental Health UK’s resilience programme, to over 600 students. Pastoral Officer Jess Lygo shares her experience of co-delivering the programme last spring before taking action to sustain Bloom to support all 17-18-year-old animal welfare students.

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