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Impact report 2021-2022: young people’s programmes

26th May 2023

One in six children aged 5 to 16 were identified as having a mental health problem in 2021, a significant increase from one in nine in 2017. Never has the need to support young people’s mental health been greater, and we know that early preventative support using upstream approaches like building resilience can have a positive impact.

What is climate anxiety and what can we do about it?

26th May 2023

If news reports of rising temperatures, melting ice caps, or forest fires fill you with dread and anxiety, you aren’t alone. You might be experiencing ‘climate anxiety’, and while it is a relatively new term, it’s on the rise and particularly affects young people. 

How flexible working could tackle burnout in the workplace

24th May 2023

In May 2023, thanks to three bank holidays in just four-and-a-half weeks, many workers in the United Kingdom have engaged in a practice that has shown dramatic benefits for our mental health, work-life balance, and overall well-being: a four-day workweek. 

When it’s not ‘just’ anxiety

18th May 2023

Too often, people experiencing anxiety are dismissed as being ‘just’ sensitive or told that they are ‘just’ worrying. Em shares her experience of the debilitating effect that anxiety can have on someone’s life, affecting everything from daily tasks to participating in the hobbies you love. Em reminds us of the legitimacy of the experience of anxiety and to never dismiss someone’s journey with anxiety.

How exercising through cycling helped me to manage my anxiety

12th May 2023

Anxiety can present itself in many different ways for us all, and we have different ways of coping with symptoms and managing our mental health. We spoke to Josh and Mellissa, who told us their unique experiences with anxiety and poor mental health, and how exercise and cycling helped them both to improve their mood and ease feelings of anxiety.

My terror of living with health anxiety

5th May 2023

Health anxiety is a lesser spoken about condition that can have a severe impact on someone’s life. The anxiety that you’re going to get unwell or that you are unwell can cause daily life to consist of panic and fear. We spoke to Lillian about her experience with health anxiety and how she reached out for support.

How we can use spring to boost our mental health

22nd March 2023

There’s ways we can support our mental health all year round, but how can we use our current environment and the seasons to tailor how we look after our wellbeing? We’re exploring some tips on how we can use the arrival of spring to boost our mood and connect with the outdoors and others.

Why Christmas isn’t easy for everyone and how to cope

12th December 2022

Christmas is the time of year when we’re expected to be our merriest and most joyful. There are friends and family to see, and a wealth of opportunities to have fun and let loose. For some of us, our reality during the festivities is far from this. It can be a stressful time of year with family duties, financial strain, pressure to keep to traditions and tricky logistics. It can also brings up some difficult emotional experiences, such as trauma and grief. So how can we navigate these challenges and protect our mental health?

How to protect your mental health and cope as we head into winter

15th November 2022

We asked Mental Health UK’s staff what they do to boost their mood and look after their mental health in the winter. And they were brimming with ideas! Take inspiration from some of their strategies to help you feel brighter and cope better this winter.

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