What we do

Mental Health UK supports people affected by mental health problems including friends, family and carers. Working across the UK, we bring together over 40 years of expertise from our four national founding charity partners to improve understanding and provide vital care. Here are just a few of the ways we provide advice, information and support.

Support groups

Each support group is run by volunteers with experience of living with mental health problems. Groups are uniquely developed to care for the needs of local members. They reduce the isolation that can come with mental illness and provide a safe space to talk openly without discrimination.


Our Mental Health and Money Advice service provides UK-wide support to those living with mental health and money problems. The first service of its kind, it’s helped thousands of people understand, manage and improve their financial situation as well as their mental health.


We provide simple information about mental health and mental illness as well as how to seek support. Our ‘On The Inside’ information guides have an estimated reach of 5.4 million people. By turning this into a digital platform too, we have been able to reach more people and tackle the myths about mental health problems.

The difference we make

Here are some of the ways we help people across the UK thanks to funding from corporate partners and individuals. Together we really can make a difference.

Your donation will make the difference

£5 could keep online resources up-to-date, so that people living with poor mental health who need support with legal problems can access our online letter templates.

£10 could print and distribute up to 30 information guides, helping people to spot the signs of mental ill health and seek help where needed.

£20 could hire a room for 2 hours, giving a new support group the chance to meet for the first time.

£30 could contribute towards helping someone living with mental health and money problems with personalised support and advice through our Mental Health and Money Advice service.

£50 could provide art materials to a support group, helping members relax, open up and build new friendships during art therapy sessions.

Working with your business

Training and consultancy

We offer a range of mental health training courses developed and delivered by an expert team.