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My terror of living with health anxiety

5th May 2023

Health anxiety is a lesser spoken about condition that can have a severe impact on someone’s life. The anxiety that you’re going to get unwell or that you are unwell can cause daily life to consist of panic and fear. We spoke to Lillian about her experience with health anxiety and how she reached out for support.

How we can use spring to boost our mental health

22nd March 2023

There’s ways we can support our mental health all year round, but how can we use our current environment and the seasons to tailor how we look after our wellbeing? We’re exploring some tips on how we can use the arrival of spring to boost our mood and connect with the outdoors and others.

Why Christmas isn’t easy for everyone and how to cope

12th December 2022

Christmas is the time of year when we’re expected to be our merriest and most joyful. There are friends and family to see, and a wealth of opportunities to have fun and let loose. For some of us, our reality during the festivities is far from this. It can be a stressful time of year with family duties, financial strain, pressure to keep to traditions and tricky logistics. It can also bring up some difficult emotional experiences, such as trauma and grief. So, how can we navigate these challenges and protect our mental health?

How to protect your mental health and cope as we head into winter

15th November 2022

Although the wintertime can be a time for celebration, festivities, and socialising, for many people it can also induce feelings of loneliness, stress, and anxiety. With our physical environment also changing around us, with shorter days and less sunlight, we might need to take extra care to monitor our mental health over these colder months. 

Putting my mental health first made me stronger

7th October 2022

Fundraiser, Luke Hamer tells us why putting his mental health first made him stronger – as part of our World Mental Health Day campaign encouraging people to make their mental health a priority.

How I look after number one

7th October 2022

Tying in with our World Mental Health Day campaign encouraging people to make their mental health a priority, our colleague Gemma tells us why looking after her mental health is integral to her quality of life. 

Looking after your mental health as we approach autumn

8th September 2022

Some of us look forward to the autumn, with the promise of cosy jumpers, hot drinks and spending more time indoors. For some people the upcoming weeks are less appealing, with fewer daylight hours and colder temperatures. As the seasons change, you may notice a shift in your mental health. We’ve put together some helpful guidance on how to manage the transition to autumn and avoid it negatively impacting mental health.

How to fully switch off during annual leave and how colleagues can help

22nd July 2022

Heading off on annual leave should be an exciting moment in your work calendar. A moment of respite, when you can switch off and feel assured you’re leaving your work and pending actions in safe hands. However, often the weeks that bookmark this protected time are chaotic, with overtime and meeting-heavy days exacerbating stress levels and sometimes even leading us to question if it’s worth taking leave at all. In this piece, experts from Mental Health UK explore their top tips on what you and your colleagues can do to make time off truly relaxing and carefree.

Feeling lonely while working from home

12th May 2022

During the pandemic, the number of us working from home skyrocketed. For some of us, this change became permanent and the new normal. Whether it’s a couple of days a week or every day, many of us are still working from home and experiencing the isolation that can come with it. Evie, 30, from rural Norfolk, shared her experience of loneliness with us, and what she has found helpful to keep more connected.

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