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Discussing menopause in the workplace

22nd February 2024

In the UK, nearly 5 million cisgender women aged 50 and over are in employment – it is the fastest-growing demographic group of workers. This age group is the most likely to be affected by menopausal symptoms, so employers need to ensure they are supporting this group of their workforce. Talking openly with your employer can be an important first step towards being better supported at work.

How employers and employees can alleviate the risk of burnout at work

29th January 2024

Preventing burnout in the workplace is a shared responsibility between employers and employees. By taking proactive steps to manage workload, prioritise wellbeing, and communicate effectively, we can all contribute toward creating the infrastructure for mentally healthy working environments.

We need a national summit to tackle burnout and create healthy workplaces which best support people to stay in or return to work

22nd January 2024

Today, we released our Burnout Report, a new benchmark study conducted annually exploring the experience and prevalence of high or extreme pressure and stress in our daily lives, and the factors that contribute towards or alleviate the risk of burnout. Brian Dow, Chief Executive at Mental Health UK, reflects on the key findings of the report, and the need for national action on this issue.

Burnout Report: one in five needed to take time off work due to stress in the past year

22nd January 2024

Mental Health UK’s new annual benchmark report for burnout in the UK reveals that one in five working adults needed to take time off work in the past year due to poor mental health caused by pressure or stress, as we call for a national summit on employment and mental health.

Our Into Work programme wins ‘Project of the Year’ award

6th December 2023

Mental Health UK’s Into Work’ employment service has been awarded the ‘Project of the Year’ award at the Vocational Rehabilitation Awards.

New service launched to support people living with mental health conditions back into work

17th August 2023

Thanks to our ongoing partnership with Bank of America, we are delivering a new service called Into Work in London, Kent and North Wales, supporting people to make positive change and enter employment.

How workplaces can be inclusive for people who don’t drink alcohol

5th July 2023

We all know how socialising can be a great opportunity for colleagues to build connections and bonds beyond workplace duties and roles. However in recent years, many workplace social events go hand in hand with drinking. As we know, alcohol can impact our mental health and some people choose not to drink or can’t drink – for a variety of reasons. How can workplaces be more mindful about alcohol?

How flexible working could tackle burnout in the workplace

24th May 2023

In May 2023, thanks to three bank holidays in just four-and-a-half weeks, many workers in the United Kingdom have engaged in a practice that has shown dramatic benefits for our mental health, work-life balance, and overall well-being: a four-day workweek. 

Common anxieties in the workplace and how to manage them

17th May 2023

Anxiety and stress at work are sharply on the rise, and worryingly only a quarter of workplaces are estimated to actually have plans in place to support people should they experience chronic stress. What are the common themes at work that people find anxiety inducing? Tackling these could reduce chances of chronic stress or burnout. We’ve broken down common workplace anxieties and what you can do to support people experiencing them.

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