Loneliness at Christmas

We don’t need to be physically isolated to feel lonely. The festive season can highlight feelings of loneliness for many people, even when other people are around them. We hear from Dianne and Carlos about how they experience loneliness over Christmas.


Dianne is one of many individuals who struggles with the added pressures Christmas time brings, which leads to feelings of anxiety, stress and isolation. She shares the reality of what it’s like for her during this time of year.

“The nature of my job means I’m unable to take regular annual leave, and work pressures mount up over Christmas which puts me under a lot of stress. Finding the time to do everything is difficult, and it starts to impact my sleep as well. Even the simple things like the lack of sunlight this time of year really takes its toll.

I need regular rest periods to help carefully manage my anxiety, but that just feels impossible over Christmas. I’m always left out of society anyway because I’m a trans woman, but I feel I have to cope otherwise I’m letting people down. It’s a very isolating place to be, and I’m worried about having another crisis.”

– Dianne

Like many who struggle with a mental illness, Carlos tends to isolate himself over the Christmas period since he is afraid of ruining the season for others. This isolation leads to a lack of motivation and eventually depression.

“There’s so much to think about this time of year, like money and food concerns, as well as where I’m going to get support when services are often paused for Christmas. It does leave me feeling overwhelmed, and without that support I isolate myself. I do try to continue my self-care routine, but I lack motivation when everyone around me is happy and jolly while I’m alone. It makes me depressed and feel like I can’t reach out to my friends because I don’t want to ruin their Christmas.”

– Carlos

The festive period isn’t positive for everyone, and can be very isolating. Support our mission to help people like Carlos and Dianne by donating to our Christmas appeal.

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