Creating a psychologically safe and inclusive space for all

9th May 2022

With reports in 2021 stating that only 51% of people felt a sense of belonging at work, how can we look to create, and re-create a sense of community and belonging within the workplace to tackle loneliness and exclusion?

Creating a positive mental health culture in the workplace

9th May 2022

We sat down with Karl Wilson, Group Mental Health Lead and Razna Ahmed, Engagement Manager at our partner Lloyds Banking Group to talk about reducing loneliness, connecting people and speaking openly about mental health in their workplace. They shared insight into how their Mental Health Advocates programme is helping to establish a mentally healthy work environment.

“On Clic you will find 100% supportive people” – Declan

9th May 2022

Clic is an online community of likeminded people where members can speak safely and openly about how they’re feeling. Clic moderators, like Declan, act as a safeguard to people who are struggling – they are there to keep you safe and connected.

Dealing with loneliness in the desert

9th May 2022

Deep in the Sahara Desert is one of Neptune Energy’s gas plants. Fenced and gated, the secure plant is home to Marco, who works for 28 days at a time in the facility undertaking his role as Head of Health, Safety and Environment. Marco shared with us how physical isolation can make you feel disconnected, but the power of reaching out to others and uniting with peers is the key to keeping loneliness at bay.

How does hybrid working offer a more inclusive environment?

4th May 2022

Hybrid working is here to stay, but how can you generate a more inclusive culture and improve mental health?

Mental Health UK and Johnson & Johnson partner on campaign highlighting the link between smoking and poor mental health

29th April 2022

With 1 in 3 of all cigarettes smoked by someone living with a mental health condition, we’re on a mission to help communities and make quitting less of a stressful journey.

Climbing the Yorkshire Three Peaks, Kenzie’s fundraising story

21st April 2022

TW: mention of suicide Last year, Kenzie and her family took on the challenge of climbing the Yorkshire Three Peaks to raise money for Mental Health UK. Kenzie sadly lost her mum to suicide, and was keen to raise awareness around mental health and tackle a challenge to push her own mental strength.

Mental resilience while running the length of Britain

11th April 2022

Ben Banaghan is running the equivalent of 2 marathons a day for 18 days in support of Mental Health UK and Join Our Boys Trust. Gearing up to take on the mammoth challenge, Ben spoke to us about how he plans to stay mentally fit, as well as physically before the event starts this September.

What it’s like to experience chronic stress at work

6th April 2022

Stress left unmanaged is bad for our health. Excess stress can present itself in a wide range of emotional, cognitive, behavioural and physical ways, which can negatively affect our day-to-day lives. While stretching ourselves at work is positive as it helps us to grow, too much pressure puts a strain on us and eventually could lead to burnout. Jennifer, Sophia and Shannon tell us about their past experiences of burnout, demonstrating that the self-awareness they developed now helps them to spot the signs of stress and keep mentally healthy.

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