Body Image: “My body image was never an issue until the rise of social media.”

7th June 2023

When social media started to become popular, Prisha began to fixate on fitness creators and desired to change her body. She spoke to us about how it was the exposure to certain body type ideals online that influenced her behaviour of exercising in a regimented way to achieve a certain look, and it was once she took a step back that she realised what was online wasn’t always reality.

Body Image: “Social media made me feel worse about my body.”

7th June 2023

Daryl first started to experience negative feelings towards her body after her body underwent changes after a life transition. She tells us how she got back to a healthy mind set through treating her body with kindness and reminding herself that what you see on social media, isn’t always reality.

Blooming brilliant teachers go the extra mile at Northampton International Academy

7th June 2023

Following an Ofsted inspection in March 2022, Northampton International Academy in England decided to enhance their students’ wellbeing and personal development through Bloom.

Bloom: helping students at De Lisle College cope with exam pressure

7th June 2023

The number of young people seeking counselling for exam related anxiety ahead of GCSEs and A-levels reportedly doubled.4 It is therefore unsurprising that Bloom’s most popular workshop continues to be Exam Stress.

Impact report 2021-2022: young people’s programmes

26th May 2023

One in six children aged 5 to 16 were identified as having a mental health problem in 2021, a significant increase from one in nine in 2017. Never has the need to support young people’s mental health been greater, and we know that early preventative support using upstream approaches like building resilience can have a positive impact.

Your Resilience: improving mental health at Newcastle Eagles

26th May 2023

A survey conducted by Basketball England found that approximately 27% of basketball players in the UK come from low socioeconomic backgrounds. Lack of funding leaves little available to invest in mental health programmes.

Beyond Ofsted: Bloom paves the way

26th May 2023

Following an Ofsted inspection in 2020, Notley High in Essex pledged to implement strategies to improve students’ behaviour and wellbeing. Alongside other initiatives, Bloom was brought on board to foster and strengthen the school’s commitment to building a supportive environment for young people’s wellbeing.

What is climate anxiety and what can we do about it?

26th May 2023

If news reports of rising temperatures, melting ice caps, or forest fires fill you with dread and anxiety, you aren’t alone. You might be experiencing ‘climate anxiety’, and while it is a relatively new term, it’s on the rise and particularly affects young people. 

How flexible working could tackle burnout in the workplace

24th May 2023

In May 2023, thanks to three bank holidays in just four-and-a-half weeks, many workers in the United Kingdom have engaged in a practice that has shown dramatic benefits for our mental health, work-life balance, and overall well-being: a four-day workweek. 

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