Bloom – Social pressures articles for workshop 5

Print out the news articles for Bloom workshop 5, Social Pressures. You can print them out on A4 or enlarge them to A3. You could ask students to consider questions in pairs or write down their responses underneath each headline. Knowing your group best, you also may wish to use some different headlines that you find online.

Social pressures example headlines

'Nearly 1 in 5 young people say they are not happy, study finds'

Published October 2019 by The Independent.

'Young people are angry: the teenage activists shaping our future'

Published May 2018 by the Guardian.

'Young people feel pressure to match lives seen on social media'

Published February 2019 by BT News. Scotland only.

'Under-25s turning their backs on alcohol, study suggests'

Published October 2018 by BBC News

'Why 16-year-olds won't get the vote in time for an election'

Published October 2019 by BBC News.

'Young gamers are being primed for gambling, warns former addict'

Published September 2019 by The Guardian.

'Celebrities now 'more influential' on young people than parents or friends'

Published March 2004 by The Independent.

'Around 60% of teen feel pressure to look 'perfect' on social media - and influencers may be to blame'

Published July 2018 by The Mirror.

'UNDER PRESSURE Millennials find social media, getting to the gym and sharing a flat too stressful'

Published November 2019 by The Sun.