Help support Hafal’s promise in Wales

In 2019 Hafal made a promise, ‘No one in Wales Need Be Alone’. Coronavirus has resulted in a spike in demand for their services as social distancing has resulted in increased isolation, leaving people with no one to turn to. Help Hafal to keep their promise and support the people of Wales during this pandemic.

Their trained and experienced staff provide in-depth telephone and online support to local communities all over Wales. Receiving personal support like this can be a lifeline to people experiencing unmanageable stress and anxiety in challenging times like these. Hafal’s services help to alleviate pressure on NHS mental health services, prevent relapse and prevent people from reaching crisis point.

There is an increased demand for Hafal’s services. In 1 week there was a 32% increase in demand. Without your support, Hafal will not be able to support the many people who ask for help when they need it most.

Hafal are committed to keeping their promise: wherever someone needs help they offer support, friendship and aid in accessing the mental health services they need. Isolation and loneliness are common for people affected by mental health problems, especially living in rural areas. These problems are more prevalent than ever with social-distancing measures, leaving many people alone and with no support network.

  • £5 would allow us to keep in touch with a vulnerable isolated person through Hafal’s promise
  • £30 would allow us to promote support a group through social media, ensuring those who need it can find it
  • £100 would allow us to support 25 people per month
  • £2,500 would allow us to support 10,000 people in need through regular friendly contact and communication
  • £50,000 would provide out of hours and weekend telephone and video support to 10,000 people for a year

Please donate what you can today.

Please donate what you can today. To send a secure bank transfer please use the following details:

Sort code: 010931

Account number: 59428945

Account name: Mental Health UK

Reference: Hafal promise

Please check you have entered the details correctly before clicking transfer

If you would like to talk to us about your donation, please email [email protected].