Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) needed in Wales

Due to covid-19, our staff need to take the necessary precautions to protect themselves from the spread of this deadly virus. Costs of PPE have spiralled upwards, but this equipment is vital for our staff to safely carry out their face-to-face care. We’re asking for significant PPE donations for Hafal, our founding charity partner in Wales.

PPE protects both our staff and the people we’re caring for from the spread of the virus. The spiralling costs of PPE will require Hafal to make difficult cost-saving measures in other areas to ensure staff can stay sufficiently protected. It’s crucial for us to receive this to be able to continue running key services including:

  • Medium Secure Mental Health Inpatient Unit
  • 24-hour supported living services
  • In-home care services
  • Appropriate Adult services, supporting vulnerable people in custody across Wales

Please donate what you can today.

Our staff are stretched and they urgently need protective equipment so they can work safely. Please help us to continue enabling our staff to work safely whilst supporting the most vulnerable people. This will assist the efforts of our NHS to curb the spread of covid-19

Rachel, Hafal staff member.

PPE we need

  • FFP3 Masks

  • Moisture-repellent face masks

  • Clear full-face visors

  • Water and vapour proof coveralls with hood

  • Goggles with wrap-around protection

  • Non-latex gloves

  • Waterproof overshoes

  • Infra-red thermometers

  • Plastic disposable aprons

  • 60%+ alcohol hand gel

  • Disposable hand towels

  • Clinical cleaning wipes (Clinell or similar)

  • Long sleeve water/vapour proof/resistant gowns

In 1 week Hafal provided

hours of in-home care and supported living services

hours of inpatient care at Gellinudd Recovery Centre

calls answered through our Appropriate Adult service

Please get in contact with us via [email protected] if you have any PPE you would like to donate.

Please get in contact with us via covidcris[email protected] if you have PPE you would like to donate.