Self-harm is the intentional act of harming or injuring our body. Self-harm may not be obvious and can include substance abuse, our relationship with eating and deliberately acting in a way that puts ourselves in danger. Anyone of any age can experience self-harm.

Overview of self-harm

This section provides information about self-harm. How it is diagnosed, possible causes and where to get further information and support.

  • Anyone of any age can experience self-harm but it is most commonly experienced by women and young girls
  • Self-harm can be a one off episode but repetition is also common
  • The most common reason why people self-harm is to deal with an overwhelming, distressing or uncomfortable emotion or feeling
  • Someone experiencing self-harm may not always be able to identify a clear reason why they do it
  • Many people find it difficult to talk about self-harm as they fear judgement or feel ashamed

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