Depression is a long-lasting low mood disorder. It affects your ability to do everyday things, feel pleasure or take interest in activities. It’s different from feeling sad or down, but anyone can experience depression.

Overview of depression

This section provides information about depression. How it is diagnosed, possible causes and where to get further information and support.

  • Symptoms of depression can include feeling low, bad about yourself and not wanting to do things.
  • Depression can be caused by anything, but family history, upbringing, stressful events and your lifestyle can have an effect.
  • Professionals describe depression as ‘mild’, ‘moderate’ or ‘severe’. Treatment will depend on how they describe it.
  • Depression affects people in different ways.
  • If you think you are experiencing depression, speak to your GP.
  • If you feel low, try to get enough sleep and eat well. It is important to try and keep active, even if you don’t feel like it.

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