Sarah’s Story

Sarah was feeling overwhelmed after the birth of her baby. After joining the Mum’s Wellness Project run by MindWise in Northern Ireland, she feels hope again. Read her story.

"I hadn’t been prioritising myself for months and months which really took a toll on my wellbeing "

After the birth of my baby I was feeling really low. I had put everyone else’s needs first and my own needs were pushed right to the bottom of the list. After speaking to my Health Visitor about how I was feeling she referred me to the Mum’s Wellness Project run by MindWise.

The project helps mums with infants under 2 years and their families. I was offered 1 to 1 home support, support groups as well as weekly drop-ins.

I met with a Mum’s Wellness Worker every other week for 12 sessions. Being honest, after my first session I didn’t think the programme would work for me. But as the weeks went on, I realised how much I needed it. I hadn’t been prioritising myself for months and months which really took a toll on my wellbeing and my ability to enjoy looking after my baby.

With the Mum’s Wellness Worker we came up with a Wellness Recovery Action Plan. For the first time I felt like I had hope, encouragement and a focus on improving my emotional health. I learnt that it’s ok to feel emotionally and mentally unwell sometimes but with the right support you can, and will, become well again and that’s OK.

The groups were also amazing. I had been feeling really alone before I’d joined them. There’s a huge expectation when you get pregnant that you’ll be happy about it and everything will fall into place, so I was embarrassed to admit how I was really feeling to my friends and family. It was so lovely to meet other mums who felt the same way I did. The groups felt like a safe place for us to come together and share our experiences, challenges and support each other. I made some real friends there who I still keep in touch with.

The project definitely helped me through a few dark months and sent me on a journey to recovery. Now I feel more confident and prepared to manage and cope both emotionally and mentally when challenges arise.

Once I completed the programme, I wanted to pass the positivity of what I’ve been through on to other mums. I’ve now registered as a volunteer for the Mum’s Wellness Project. It feels empowering to get involved in something so worthwhile.

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