Programme options

We offer a range of options to suit the needs of schools and colleges who are looking for extra mental health support for their students. Our full co-delivery programme and Bloom lite workshops can either be delivered face-to-face or virtually.

Bloom Co-Delivery Programme

In-depth training, offering young people the best experience and giving professionals /teaching staff dedicated support in delivering Bloom to students.


  • Location: onsite within school settings across the UK
  • Topics: covers all topics within Bloom programme
  • Duration: 8 weeks
  • Overview: a 3 hour teacher training session held in the first week for 3-5 staff, 2nd-7th week there are 1 hour workshops for students, co-delivered by staff alongside our expert Training Associates.

Bloom Lite Workshops

Our Training Associates deliver a one-off Bloom workshop directly to students in your school on a chosen topic.


  • Location: onsite within school setting across the UK
  • Topics: covers one Bloom topic from our full programme
  • Duration: one single 1 hour workshop
  • Overview: Bloom Lite is intended for larger groups of students (min: 30, max: 80), multiple workshops can be booked to reach several groups.

Bloom on Clic Online

Enabling teaching staff to quickly gain the knowledge, tools and confidence to independently support their students’ mental health.


  • Location: training and webinars online
  • Topics: full programme available on Bloom on Clic
  • Duration: at your leisure and elements scheduled via zoom
  • Overview: zoom training sessions in our full programme (3 hours), followed by 1 hour workshops on each topic
  • Other resources: online forums and webinars, downloadable Teacher guidebooks & Student workbooks.

Bloom Topics

What is Resilience?

Exam stress

Making decisions
about the future

Social pressures

Managing studies


Juggling time