Neptune Energy

Neptune Energy is an independent energy company spread across operations in 8 countries over 3 continents Neptune entered a partnership with us to improve access to mental health services in rural areas. This became the Rural Connections project, as funded by them. The project is operating across the 4 nations and each founding charity is addressing the issue in its own way. 

Across 8 countries and 3 continents 

Over 1,300 employees

Energy industry

Neptune Energy have always been invested and interested in our programmes and services and how these benefit users. 2021, a support group our partner charity Rethink Mental Illness support group runs in Braintree designed their company Christmas cards and Mental Health UK received a £2,000 donation from Neptune in response. This also enabled the support group, which offers people with lived experience of mental illness the chance to come write, paint and draw, to fund their annual Christmas dinner.

Since 2021 they have continued to support the charity, and as our headline sponsor for Mental Health Awareness Week they collobrated with us in exploring our theme on ‘loneliness’ by delving into how they support employees who work on remote energy plants for their company. Our interview with a worker based in the Sahara desert delved into the topic further.


What they're doing

  • Developing their mental health policy and strategic planning around core awareness days

  • Increasing understanding and awareness surrounding mental health in their workplaces

  • Donating funds to the charity to help fund vital services including funding our Rural Connections project

What we're doing

  • Bespoke guidance and support to help Neptune create a mentally healthy workplace culture

  • Personalised planner of key mental health awareness events for the company

  • Raised Neptune's profile as key sponsor in our 2022 Mental Health Awareness Week

Work with us

Mental Health UK work with a variety of orgnisations across sectors including retail, construction and finance. Wherever you are on your journey toward supporting better mental health, we have the tools to help you.