Ordnance Survey

Ordnance Survey is the national mapping agency for Great Britain. They help government make smarter decisions that ensure our safety and security, and enable better public access and enjoyment of our outside world. There’s an intrinsic link between nature, exercise, and the benefits this brings to mental health, and together in partnership we’re excited to explore this.

UK-wide organisation

Over 1,200 employees

Government and public sector

As Ordnance Survey’s charity of the year for 2023, the organisation are helping to equip thousands of people to embrace better mental health throughout their lives.

Being outdoors, connecting with others and with nature, can be instrumental for many people as a way of managing their own mental health. Alongside Ordnance Survey expertise in the field, we’ll be supporting people to gain knowledge and tools in this area and encourage people to get outside, to be mindful, to be connected and to be more physically active. Accessibility and connectivity to the outdoors is at the heart of what the organisation does, and we know that being able to connect with other people is vital for our mental health. We’ll be collaborating together, to better support connections rurally and improve mental health. 




What they're doing

  • Chose Mental Health UK as their charity of the year for 2023

  • Increasing understanding and awareness surrounding mental health in their workplaces

  • Donating funds to the charity to help fund vital services

What we're doing

  • Produce calendar of interactive fundraising events for staff nationally

  • Equip management and colleagues with the tools they need to create a mentally healthy workplace

  • Curation of bespoke campaigns relating to mental health and the outdoors

  • Implement Mental Health First Aid training to staff

Work with us

Mental Health UK work with a variety of orgnisations across sectors including retail, construction and finance. Wherever you are on your journey toward supporting better mental health, we have the tools to help you.