Bloom’s Impact

Since our launch in September 2019, we have reached 200,000 young people and provided them with the tools to manage their mental health resilience. We have trained 3,000 teachers in Bloom, creating a legacy of mental health support in schools and colleges.

We are continuing to expand our options to support schools. In September 2022 we launched Bloom on Clic, a new online platform which provides support for teachers, not only in delivering the programme’s content but also in supporting their own mental health. The programme continues to evolve in response to the needs of teachers and young people.

Bloom Statistics

76% young people

felt they could use the tools learned during Bloom workshops throughout their lives

75% young people

felt better able to support their family and friends with challenges following the Bloom programme

94% teachers

felt confident and equipped to deliver the Bloom programme in their schools

97% teachers

felt they had a better understanding of resilience and ways to support young people

200,000 young people provided with the tools to manage their mental health resilience.

3,000 teachers trained to deliver Bloom, creating a legacy of mental health support in education settings.

Bloom Blogs

Hear from others about the impact of Bloom within schools

Bloom is making a mark on Manchester

The co-delivery of Bloom sets it apart from other programmes and ensures that teachers can do what they do best.

Moulton College is empowered by Bloom

Bloom has rolled out to 600+ students, equipping young people with life skills, as well as embedding a culture of understanding.

Making strides to reach young people everywhere

Exploring the impact of delivering Bloom to young people in rural communities – on the outskirts of Scotland.

Bloom taught me new ways of thinking and talking

Tina talks about how the workshop helped her and her daughters become more open about their mental health.

Wakefield College are empowered by Bloom

Students, Emily and Daniel, explore how Bloom has made them feel confident about the future and more confident to talk about mental health.

Mental health is a priority in schools

Teachers are best placed to support students’ mental health and Bloom helps equip them with the tools and confidence to do so.

Bloom supports alternative provision students to flourish

Kings Mill Special School in Yorkshire deployed Bloom to provide students with tools to go through life’s transitions.

Oldham Hulme Grammar School delivers Bloom

Bloom gave us a sense of purpose and direction at a time when the world was full of chaos and confusion during the pandemic.

Student Testimonials

Leeds City College

“Bloom was about how to alter your thoughts and how that can change everything in your life.”

Marden High School, North Shields

“The discussions helped me realise that I am not alone with my difficulties and it makes it easier to ask for help when I need it.”

Ormiston Rivers Academy, Essex

“I really enjoyed having the chance to express how I feel and having a safe place to talk.”

Teacher Testimonials

Unsworth Academy, Greater Manchester

"What a fantastic programme Bloom is. The Bloom leader was inspirational throughout. All the topics covered were of massive benefit to the students. I would recommend Bloom to all secondary schools across the country."

Moulton College, Northamptonshire

“The training was clear and straightforward and is of huge value. It has given me the belief and confidence to deliver these important life skills to young people. It provides a tried and tested process i.e. presentations, exercises and resources through which to do this."

Grimsby Institute, Lincolnshire

“Bloom workshops have helped to equip our learners with useful tools and knowledge to help build their resilience and improve their mental health and wellbeing. Of most value are Bloom's high quality learning materials and easy to use session plans that ensure staff can deliver without requiring additional time.”